Meghan Markle is held at a distance from journalists, claims royal correspondent



The politician proposes to Meghan Markle supports abortion votes

Meghan Markle using a recently in a referendum in Ireland to legalize abortion. Catherine No one, a senator in Dublin placed Markle the comments on the recent vote on Twitter.

A royal correspondent claims journalists are reportedly being kept at a distance from the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle during the official missions, so that they are not able to listen any comments which may breach royal protocol.

Richard Palmer, a reporter for the London Daily Express, which has, under the former “Suits” star’s appearances, made the claim on Twitter on Tuesday in a series of tweets.

“Royal rota journalists are held farther away from her than we were for the wedding,” he claimed. “That means that we will not be able to hear what they have to say.

“If you are not in the direct quotes from members of the Royal Family, which often makes for boring stories. You go then and ask what they said. Mr Jansen said: ‘The Duchess expressed the hope that women would eventually get the same opportunities as men in this profession.’ Boring.

A post shared by Kensington Palace (@kensingtonroyal) on Jul 10, 2018 at 11:36am PDT

“So, just as with Kate [Middleton], which inevitably leave you with something else to write about, except what they wore and looked like… These stories have a limited shelf life.”

Palmer believed this unusual step is part of an ongoing strategy by the palace, while the 36-year-old settles into her new role, without worrying about the fact that heard saying the wrong things.

“I suspect that the keeping of the rota [royal correspondents] further away, about the settlement of her and has nothing to do with any previous stories,” he said.

“My hope is that when they come back from their summer holidays, Meghan will be given a freer rein to express themselves (within earshot of the media) and get stuck in some of the serious topics she wants to tackle,” says Palmer.

A post shared by Kensington Palace (@kensingtonroyal) on Jul 17, 2018 at 9:43am PDT

“She has the soft power to help a lot of people in this world. What she wears is always of interest to some readers, of course, but it need not be all of the story.”

Kensington Palace not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

Despite the criticism, Palmer insisted Markle is worthy to write about.

“So, the Duchess of Sussex,” he wrote. “As with any [correspondent] and a photographer, I know, I am glad she is a member of the Royal Family. She is a breath of fresh air, beautiful, and — let’s be honest — a new character in the royal soap opera. This all makes for good copy.”

Markle, who retired from acting in Hollywood to marry the british Prince Harry in May, can still learn how to safely find her way as the newest member of the royal family.

Despite her previous high-profile career, Markle has appeared visibly nervous during different events. And earlier this month, Markle apparently broke royal protocol when she and Harry, 33, were on their first foreign trip as a married couple.

According to the Irish senator Catherine No one, that was one of the leaders of the recent referendum to legalize abortion in Ireland, Markle expressed her support for No one efforts.

A post shared by Kensington Palace (@kensingtonroyal) on Jul 10, 2018 at 3:13pm PDT

In a since-deleted tweet captured by the Irish Sun, noon said: “A pleasure to meet Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex on the British Ambassador’s residence this evening. The Duchess and I had a conversation about the recent referendum — they watched with interest and was pleased with the result.”

No one was quick to come back on her tweet as many former members of the royal family are obliged to refrain from making political statements.

“I deleted because it was accidentally misleading — the Duchess was not, in any case, politically,” she later tweeted.

A rep for the royal family told Fox News at that time they had no comment.

Fox News’ Sasha Savitsky contributed to this report.

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