Meghan Markle half-sister Samantha Grant addresses ‘cashing in’ on the royal house: ‘We have to survive’



Meghan Markle half-sister of the debt of staged photos of papa

Meghan Markle is estranged half-sister is taking the blame for a series of “staged” paparazzi photo of their father ahead of the royal wedding. Samantha Grant said on Twitter she came up with the idea to their father photographed to paint him in a positive light.

Meghan Markle half-sister Samantha Grant doesn’t mind “cashing in” on her famous brother or sister of the latest role as the british Duchess of Sussex.

The 53-year-old appeared on “Good Morning Britain” on Monday to discuss the former “Suits” star’s allegedly strained relationship with their father, a former Hollywood lighting director Thomas Markle.

Grant admitted to the use of the media to earn money.

“I have worked in the media, the biggest part of my life and in broadcasting,” Grant requested. “Because my sister is suddenly royal is no grounds for me to stop doing all of that. Let’s be honest, we all have to survive. Money makes the world go around, so if you want to call that redeem, that is fine.

“But I think that nobody in the media would refuse a salary for talking about the royal family and as a family, we are not subject to the royal protocol, especially here in America. If you want to call it cashing in, I think that’s a little ridiculous.”

Grant added, “For someone to say, ‘Oh, you shouldn’t take any money, you should turn down a salary,’ go tell your boss you do not want a salary for interviewing me, because that is redeeming.”

Grant is also proved that just because Markle is now a member of the royal family, it does not mean that they need to “stop living.”

“Why should I stop living life, because we have a problem?”, says Grant. “Back to the issue of cashing in the media makes billions of dollars from the social problems and the talk about the royals. I don’t see how we’re different. No one has a copyright on our experiences in life.

“We are each individuals with our own life experience. With all due respect, it is not only Meg, we have the right to share that, we have the right to be open about it, if we can shed some light on a number of topics for the public, then that is great. We can enjoy the process. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. It is not demeaning, it is not harmful.”

Meghan Markle half-sister Samantha stock exchange lashed out at her royal brother or sister for her “cold” behaviour in the direction of their father, Thomas Markle (left) and said it to her when he dies.


Grant is subject to the united kingdom in the morning show comes after she took to her royal brother or sister on 18 July, via Twitter for her “cold” behaviour in the direction of their father.

Grant said that they regret on her explosive rant “to a degree.”

“Life is very short,” she argued. “I had the feeling that if something were to happen to him, and he went away, I don’t think any of us could live with the fact that he died unhappy, and there was no closure. I believe in her heart that she would want that also.”

“Of course, as you can imagine, he is 74 years old, and we all know that life is short,” she continued. “So given the circumstances the past few months since the wedding, I think he really just wants to embrace her, and a closure at a distance… and really let her know that he loves her. He sincerely had a heart attack, and I was very shocked that the world would mock or make fun of. He had a really difficult time.”

Despite her seemingly troubled relationship with Markle, a Grant may be busy these days getting ready for her close-up. Grant has reportedly earned her a place on the British version of “Celebrity Big Brother” in which the Viacom-owned network Channel 5 is billing as “the Eye of The Storm.”

The american actress Meghan Markle tied the knot with british Prince Harry in May.


The report comes just two months after Markle tied the knot with Prince Harry in May. Prior to the wedding, Grant allegedly staged paparazzi photos for their father made and off-the-cuff comments to Piers Morgan suggesting that Harry would be better off to marry someone else.

Grant would reportedly collect a six-figure pay of the reality TV series.

When pressed, as they would appear on the popular show, Grant responded, ” Well, I would tell you, but then I would have to kill you, so… I don’t want to find myself in locks and stocks, to be honest. It would not be.”

The British season of “Celebrity Big Brother” is scheduled to begin filming in August of this year. Reps for the show not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

In 2017, a Grant stirred heads when Vanity Fair reported she was writing a treatise with the title ‘ The Diary of Princess Pushy Sister.” Grant confirmed the manuscript to Fox News in January.



Meghan Markle half-sister sets the record straight

Fox411: Meghan Markle’s half-sister, Samantha Grant, wants to dispel rumors about her family as a result of the vicious media attention arising from the royal engagement announcement.

“My relationship with my sister for a while was a real pain to do because of the perceptions that are out there,” she said at the time. “And I have to say, my book is not what all those people say it is… Only because it has the world ‘intrusive’ does not mean that it is a beating tell-all… I was making fun of the tabloids.

“And I think that they thought that I was close to her and writing a nasty tell-all… My sister is not intrusive. I was making fun of the media and the tabloids in the choosing of that title. My goal is really to show how beautiful and wonderful she is. I look forward to the both of us hopefully laugh about this.”

A source previously told People magazine Markle has had no contact with her older sister for more than a decade – a claim Grant adamantly refused. Grant said that she and her family are new to the viewer and it can be difficult to deal with the worldwide interest in their personal life.

“As much as I love and respect Meg, she’s got a sense of security and a publicist and can be protected from everything,” says Grant. “She and Harry can tell the media to stop. The rest of the family doesn’t have that luxury. I love her, [but] they may not want me to say something.

“I refuse to be a victim of the media. I’m not going to let them belittle me, embarrass me personally and professionally and not defend myself… I can only hope that they would respect and understand that… In fact, if I were Meg, I would probably be something there, so that there is a kind of protective mechanism in place where the family could not be tortured so much.”

Fox News’ Julius Young contributed to this report.

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