Meghan Markle goes to fight with the royal life, warns Diana’s butler: ‘She should be careful what they wish for’



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Paul Burrell, who once served as Princess Diana’s royal butler, believes Meghan Markle has a rough future for her in Britain’s new Duchess of Sussex.

The 36-year-old former American actress tied the knot with british Prince Harry, 33, in May.

Burrell, 60, previously served as a footman Harry’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, before he began working for Diana, the late Princess of Wales.

“It is interesting that Meghan has just joined the biggest soap in the world and she has just landed the biggest role of her life as an actress,” Burrell told Yahoo News’ weekly six-part series, “The Royal Box” Friday. “I think, yes, they want to be famous, she has everything she wanted, but I [also] think, “be careful what you wish for’, because sometimes not everything is as it seems.”

“Diana found that at an early age,” he added. “A royal princess and sometimes the loss of anonymity, the loss of that freedom, that is a big question for every woman in the society of today.”

And while the couple recently tied the knot, Burrell insisted Markle will be expected to help expand the royal family.

A post shared by Paul Burrell (@officialpaulburrell) on Apr 3, 2018 at 5:09pm PDT

“I predict that Meghan will very soon have a baby,” he said. “They have a baby in the first year of their marriage. Well, she is pregnant in the first year of their marriage. Time is marching on, and Harry wants a family. I think there is not much time left for Meghan. She got to go with it. Two [children] will be enough for Harry.”

One of the main reasons Markle will be the struggle to find her place in the palace, is because her family in America is not getting the support they need to deal with the constant media attention.

Markle’s father, the former Hollywood lighting director Thomas Markle, in particular, faced with the reaction of the audience repeatedly to speak to the press about his famous daughter.

“There is no protocol for people such as Thomas Markle, or in-laws, and the people who marry into the royal family are lost at sea,” said Burrell. “They have embraced Meghan, they keep Meghan safe, but what about all the people in her world? I think they need to think about this, it is a problem.

Thomas Markle (left) has repeatedly interviews to the press about his daughter Meghan Markle marriage with Prince Harry.


“Poor Thomas Markle not know how to behave. He is lost. I think that the best thing he can do is remain calm and try and reach out to his daughter. Someone has to fix it. Before it becomes more broken. Fortunately, Meghan’s mother has survived with dignity and style and that is the way forward.”

This is not the first time Burrell has struck the royal family for not protecting Thomas against the media.

Back in June, Burrell told ITV’s “Good Morning Britain” he wondered why the palace has not yet been informed about Thomas to speak to the media for pay.

“The palace has the biggest PR machine in the world and they may not have the protection of persons who are outside the gates,” he explained. “There is no protocol, it’s never been done before. They do not look after the people in the family. The outsiders are the ones who are the most vulnerable, and that is what I saw in the interview.

Still, Burrell believed Thomas has so no harm in sharing his experiences with the world.

“I love him,” he said. “I thought he was vulnerable. I felt sorry for him and I know what’s going to happen. The world are with him on the sidewalk and now they want more. What is the following? [Markle’s mother] Doria (Ragland) are going to sit down here to talk about swapping knitting patterns with the queen?”

Back in May, Thomas, 74, negated claims that he asked his daughter for money only a few weeks before the wedding.

A post shared by Kensington Palace (@kensingtonroyal) on Jul 26, 2018 at 11:20 PDT

Thomas told TMZ the rumor is “just bulls—.” Thomas claimed he has “a decent pension fund” and not need his daughter’s help for you money.

Thomas added that if he did ever have a need for financial assistance, he is certain of Markle would come to the rescue. Thomas also claimed that money is never a topic of discussion between the two, and neither.

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