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Meghan Markle gets a new title: Duchess of Sussex

Benjamin Hall reports on the great moments of the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Meghan Markle is a recent addition to the royal family, but she’s already broken a number of the most important rules.

The former actress, 36, is doing an excellent job to adapt to her new life, but is still learning the ropes on what to do and what to avoid during public appearances.

The royal is said to have done rigorous “princess-in-training” etiquette lessons ahead of tying the knot with Prince Harry.

Of controlling her moods of the Duchess weft, and waving to the PDA, and dark nail Polish, there are plenty of things a new royal should consider, according to The Sun.

Take a look at the list below to see how many times Meghan has slipped.

Rule broken: the Absence of tights

When Meghan and Prince Harry announced their engagement in November last year, the couple stepped out for a photo session at Kensington Palace.

For the massive occasion, she wore a white coat and a green dress, but did you spot the post they left off?

Royal expert Victoria Arbiter explained the issue to the Insider: “You will never see a royal without their nude stockings.

“Meghan, from what I can see of the involvement of the photos, it doesn’t matter if she wore tights or stockings.

“I would say that is really the only hard, fixed rule in terms of what the Queen needs.”

Rule broken: Back to Queen

Meghan is doing a great job in the settlement of the royal family, it seems they made a small mistake while attending her first Royal Ascot this month.

The 36-year-old is said to have gone against royal protocol by momentarily turned her back on Her Majesty, to chat with her new man.


According to the royal family’s website, “there are no obligatory codes of behaviour when meeting The Queen or a member of the Royal Family”, however, “a lot of people wish to observe the traditional forms”.

It was not the only rule that they broke while in the competitions, she has also decided to leave out the most important thing, the name of the tag.

Rule broken: Exposed shoulders

The newest member of the royal family set fashion tongues wagging after the release of her first Other the Color… and it’s all because of her rule-breaking of the dress.


Arrived at the annual royal event in a horse and carriage with her husband Prince Harry, Meghan looked every inch the modern day Princess in a custom-made creation by Venezuelan designer Carolina Herrera.

However, it ‘Fits’ -star-turned-princess has overlooked a royal fashion rule: the exposure of her shoulders.

Fashion tradition usually dictates that royal women are not wearing off-shoulder or other more revealing styles.

Rule broken: No autographs and selfies

Prince Harry’s bride broke royal protocol in Cardiff by autographs and taking selfies.

The Queen is apparently not a fan of a selfie-photos, and former U.S. ambassador Matthew Barzun told Tatler magazine in 2014 they will find them “disturbing” and “strange”.

No member of the royal family, gives you a signature as royal protocol doesn’t allow them to scribble their signature for other people.

So the will of the Queen, the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William and Harry, and soon Meghan will have to politely tell people that they are not for the signing of the signature books… or parts of the body.

It is reported that when Prince Charles was asked for his signature, he always responds: “Sorry, they don’t allow me to do that.”

However, they are allowed to sign visitors books and on the official assignments as well as official documents.

Rule broken: No hugs

They even gave children high fives and hugs on the trip to Wales in January – something the royals never do.

Kate often only give a hug if a child is diving for, while the Queen keeps things formal with a number of her trademark waving and the occasional handshake.

By traditional they mean handshake, bow or courtesy.

Meghan also hugged a starstruck schoolgirl on a royal visit to Birmingham, after the girl told the royal couple that she wanted to be an actor when she grew up.

Rule broken: only Walk

In a special turn to the biggest wedding of the year, Meghan entered St George’s Chapel, only for tying the knot with Prince Harry.

After her father Thomas Markle pulled out of attending the wedding (announced after it was revealed that he was paid for paparazzi photos), it was announced that Meghan would walk solo down the aisle on her big day. The movement was also seen as Meghan expressing her feminist beliefs – walk down the aisle as an independent woman.

A source said: “It was something they made clear what they wanted to do, when she and Prince Harry started the planning of their wedding in November last year.”

Rule broken: legs Crossed

All eyes were on Meghan Markle this week she went to the Queen of the Young Leaders of the reception in Buckingham Palace.

But fans have slammed the former actor for the disregard of a royal line, and disrespectful to the Queen in the way she was sitting, but did you notice?

Meghan, who wore a beautiful pink Prada dress for the occasion, the sculpture was sitting with her legs crossed and her legs stretched out to one side.

The crossing of the legs is a position that is rarely used by the royal family.

In fact, Kate Middleton’s uncrossed leg position, and even has its own nickname, “The Duchess slant”, and was even used by Princess Diana.

This article originally appeared in The Sun.

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