Meghan Markle added to Urban Dictionary as slang for ‘ghosting’

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A look at some of the unusual baby traditions, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will likely follow.

Have you been to “Megan Markled?”

The Duchess of Sussex apparently served as the inspiration for an Urban Dictionary entry, which makes use of Meghan Markle’s name as a verb for “ghosting.”

“Meghan Markle: Verb for” ghosting or disposing of people as soon as you don’t use or benefit from them without regard to real human relationships”, the top definition for Markle states on Urban Dictionary the site.


The slang dictionary website then displays a number of examples of how the name can be used in a sentence.

Samantha Markle (left) has not seen a lot of her half-sister, the Duchess of Sussex, as her in the tabloids.
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“She has a Meghan Markle on her friends once she became famous,” a sentence reads.

“Not Meghan Markle me when your movie comes out!” another says.

The dictionary entry was apparently made in December, but it was only recently discovered by the international news sites this week, the gathering of many of the comments online — many called it “shocking” and “ruthless.”

“Lol in this world, people can be ruthless and merciless And the Urban Dictionary reflects that so clearly in this gold & famedigger case,” a Twitter user wrote.

Urban Dictionary recently a new definition for “Meghan Markle.”

“Well, I must have done a ‘Meghan Markle’ on a few people then. Only joking!! I will only ‘Meghan Markle’ you, if one is absolutely RIDICULOUS or DISRESPECTFUL to me, family or friends without good reason!” a second comment.

“You’re Meghan Markled! Excellent! #Megain #Megxit,” another wrote.

Markle, who is expecting her first child with Prince Harry for a day now, it is called “Duchess Tough” by some overseas media for its alleged notorious feuds, particularly with her estranged father, Thomas.


The 37-year-old family put a damper on her wedding with Prince Harry last year, the share of information and claims about the bride-to-be’s behavior. Her father, in particular, broke the news in the days leading up to the royal ceremony. He was scheduled to walk his daughter to the altar in the St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle, but the plans are changed.

According to a friend, Markle tried to patch things up with her father after the wedding by writing him a letter.

Markle, who is expecting her first child with Prince Harry for a day now, it is called “Duchess Tough” by some overseas media.
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“She’s like, ‘Daddy, I’m so broken. I love you. I have a father. Please Stop with the victim to me through the media, so that we can repair our relationship.’ Because every time her team to come to her, and fact-check something [he said], an arrow to the heart. He writes her a long letter back, and he closes it by requesting a photo with her,” the pal said in February.

In a new TLC documentary, a royal expert suggested Thomas will never see his grandchild.

“I can’t think for a moment that Thomas Markle will ever be able to meet his grandson or granddaughter,” said Duncan Larcombe, one of the experts consulted in the next doc with the title, “Meghan & Harry: A Royal Baby Story.”

Markle half-brother, Thomas Jr., claimed Markle is a “fake” and is “giving the greatest performance of her life” since she became famous. He claims they used to be close, and saw each other from 2009 to 2011 fairly regularly, but she has since iced him out.

“One time she was in Hollywood, she changed into a different person,” Thomas Jr. previously told the Daily Mirror. “She has clearly forgotten her roots and her family.”

Fox News’ Stephanie Nolasco contributed to this report.

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