Meetings orders DOJ review, according to the report, the Obama administration gave the Hezbollah a pass

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Meetings orders probe on whether Obama and the Hezbollah gave a pass to

The attorney General is ordering an appraisal on a possible Obama-government intervention in the drug development studies, with the involvement of Hezbollah in the terrorist group, to pave the way for the president’s legacy-Iran nuclear deal.

EXCLUSIVE: Attorney General Jeff Sessions is the initiation of a review of the law enforcement initiative called Project Cassandra after an investigation report has been published this week calling on the Obama administration gave a free pass for Hezbollah’s drug trafficking and money laundering operations to help ensure that the Iran nuclear deal would stay on track.

The Ministry of justice said in a statement to Fox News, that the meetings on Friday initiated a review of the rate prior to the Drug Enforcement Administration investigation of “allegations that certain tasks are not properly followed and to ensure that all matters are treated appropriately.”

“While I hope that it is built no barriers, to allow of the last administration DEA agents to bring all appropriate cases among the Cassandra project, is a significant Problem for the protection of the Americans,” sessions said in a written statement. “We will examine these questions and provide full support for the investigation of the violent drug trafficking organizations.”

According to a bomb exposé Politically on the Sunday, an elaborate campaign by the Drug Enforcement Administration, known as the Cassandra project, specifically the Lebanese militant group’s criminal activities.

“We will examine these questions and provide full support for the investigation of the violent drug trafficking organizations”

Attorney General Jeff Sessions

But if the Cassandra project-leader, which delayed the development of the DEA-facility in Chantilly, Virginia, sought admission for some important investigations, prosecutions, arrests, and financial sanctions, Obama, of justice and Ministry of Finance officials, hindered or refused their requests, according to Politico.

“The protection of our citizens against terrorist organizations and the fight against the devastating drug crisis gripping our nation, two of the justice Department’s top priorities,” sessions said. “Measures for the investigation and prosecution of terrorist organizations, which is also fuelling the drug crisis must be a priority in this government.”

DOJ officials told Fox News the review could lead to new prosecutions of people associated with Hezbollah. It could also lead to an inspector General investigation of personnel matters in connection with the project.

“The DEA has been working tirelessly on this front,” sessions said. “I’m committed to our hard-working and dedicated DEA agents all the tools you need, to enable you to shut down these drug rings.”


Rep. Ron DeSantis to Obama’s free pass to the Hezbollah

Sessions added, “The Department of Justice is absolutely committed to the investigation and prosecution of international drug trafficking organizations and with the support of our DEA and FBI agents, we will leave no stone unturned as we work to make America safer.”


Since the report surfaced that claimed a number of Republican legislators, responses to the allegations. Meanwhile, former Obama administration officials have largely dismissed the accusations as false.

“There are a lot of reasonable criticism of Obama’s foreign policy,” former Obama administration official Tommy Vietor tweeted. “The idea that he was soft on the Hezbollah is not one of them. The story is made out of thin air, to push back that it’s hard to say except that it is a figment of the imagination of two very defective sources.”

Fox News’ Frank miles contributed to this report.

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