Meet with the Belgian girlband Oko Yono: ‘This is not a man-against-vrouwverhaal’

In the context of International Women’s day join belpopvrouwen Patricia Vanneste (Balthazar), Annelies Van Dinter (Echo Beatty), Birsen Uçar (Hydrogen Sea) and Myrthe Luyten (Astronaute) the forces. Under the umbrella of Oko Yono rework them songs of the women around Serge Gainsbourg. View here’s an exclusive teaser.

Oko Yono, from left to right, Birsen Uçar, Annelies Van Dinter, Patricia Vanneste and Myrthe Luyten. © Johan Jacobs/Ruth Decaesstecker

“Comme la brume voilant l’aurore, il y a tant de belles choses que tu ignores’, sang Françoise Hardy in 2004. She and the other ” women of Gainsbourg, from France Gall to Jane Birkin – were the inspiration for Oko Yono.

‘That ladies are however constantly mentioned in the same breath with Gainsbourg, they have in themselves is also very fine music,” says Patricia Vanneste, you’ll be known as the violinist of Balthazar. “That music, which the power of the woman speaks,” was our starting point. We have our own thing. Some of the songs we have so radically reworked that only one word of the original text remains.’

Annelies Van Dinter

The idea behind Oko Yono came from curator Nele Desmet, self freelancemuzikante and also worked in the cultural sector. “It was her dream ever a kind of coverproject put around the women of Gainsbourg, and with that idea she came to me knocking on your door,” says Annelies Van Dinter, the frontwoman and driving force of Echo Beatty who also arranged musical workshops and rockkampen guides for young girls. “That is nice,’ I said to Nele, ” but let’s there are other women involved.’ And it came to pass: in addition to Van Dinter and Vanneste were also Birsen Uçar from Hydrogen Sea , and Myrthe Luyten from Astronaute on board hoisted.

The foursome will be out in early march for the first time with her music to the outside, not coincidentally, just before International Women’s day, 8 march. “That we this project is calculated then launch, fits in naturally with the concept,” says Vanneste. “There are today many strong women in the arts sector, but there apron somewhere or something’, says Van Dinter. ‘The criticism of Amatorski-singer Inne Eysermans on the ‘male’ MIA’s was, and I recently read that seventy percent of the music on Studio Brussels is run by only men. In addition, we have all four stories about how we as women in the music sometimes sexist to be treated, and we find it important to continue to raise. Don’t get me wrong: a political project, this is not, and also with the term feminism, I jump rather carefully. The running in the first place to the music.’ “It is not man-against-vrouwverhaal, no,” says Patricia Vanneste. ‘If only because our drummer Bert Hornikx is a man.’ (laughs)

Oko Yono – live complemented with a strijkerstrio and a drummer, and with visuals by Ruth Decaesstecker – plays at 2/3 in Trix (try-out), and on 7/3 in 30CC, Leuven, belgium. All the info:

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