Meet EARL the zelfstrikkende lacing system of the new Nike sneaker

Imagine: you get in your shoe and that closes itself around your foot. Just something for Marty McFly? Nike made sure that the technology and the production became reality with the Hyperadapt 1.0. was present at the Nike Innovation Summit, and spoke with the designers of this design.

Nike EARL © Nike

There is a reason why some sport and lifestyle brand names transcend themselves and that reason is grounded in the creativity and imagination of the people that the pen vasthebben. One of those people at Nike’s Tinker Hatfield, the former bedrijfsarchitect that one day, one of the most iconic and popular sneakers from his sleeve and managed to shake the Nike Air Max One. Since then Hatfield, inter alia, together with the HTM design team, at the helm of Nike’s innovations in terms of design, color and material, always with one requirement in mind: “the fit is for me the most important thing. There is the whole design. It is the driving force of the flyknit technology, and now also the figurative engine behind the Hyperadapt. The real motor is a lithium battery,” he laughs while his latest brainchild holds up.

How does it work?

The Nike Hyperadapt 1.0 was presented at the innovation summit in New York. The colorways are not yet known, but the system of the shoe has garnered exceptional attention: you slide your foot into the shoe, tap your heel a sensor that gives the sneaker then automatically around your foot perfectly. With the use of EARL (the Electro-Adaptive Reactive Lacing system), you can get the laces themselves still firmer or looser string by pressing small buttons at the height of your room key.

Hatfield took for the realization of this idea, Tiffany Beers under arm, Senior Innovator at Nike, that immediately the technical side for her take over. “When Tinker me ten years ago asked for his idea to work, I was immediately excited – we could all feel that innovation in the us goes hand in hand with the personalize of our consumentenervaringen and adaptive fit – a fit that is fully to your body turn – up is essential”. Although the technology fairly quickly on legs was a long time honor Nike that could apply. “A shoe is a very cruel environment for technology. They should be flexible, they are sweaty and hot and sometimes wet because of the rain,” said Beers. Eventually they found a system that’s light enough, driven by a lithium battery that you once every two weeks should recharge.

We have a shoe?

Of course, the Hyperadapt fantastic – it is the state where the most people for samentroepte, but to be fair: we have such a shoe really nòdig or is it more of a gimmick that the technology of Nike in the paint? “This design is not only based on the increasing demand to Back To The Future shoes to launch – that do have we actually done, though that was more to our EARL, a technology test than to the public pleasen”, laughs Beers.

“The Hyperadapt is a fusion of what is possible and what is necessary. Our bodies are constantly changing, especially when we exercise. We run, we sprint, we run, we jump and our feet swell up. Athletes can tell you that their shoe is sometimes too tight or too loose, during their activity, and that this them from their concentration. You see basketball players even time-out to ask for their laces and re-tie: there is really a need to. With the Hyperadapt they have a shoe to their foot you can adjust.”

Currently, the Hyperadapt still largely manually – you’ll need during your sporting activity more quickly, you only have to bend over to put on the plus or the minus button to push to your shoe looser or firmer – but it is very clear that this design is just a non-stop is for Nike. “A shoe that is at every moment, every second of the foot, without that you even need to think of it, that is not what his” grins Hatfield dreamy. Yep, that would be something.

Katrin Swartenbroux

The Nike Hyperadapt 1.0 will be from the autumn in three colorways available for Nike+members

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