Meesterpatissier gives tips on how to choose the best of the best chocolate initial

Now, saint nicholas eve rapidly approaching, there will be massive chocolate initials are purchased. The majority of the letters are meesterpatissier His in the Dutchman, however, is not really to talk to. But what is a chocolate initial to improve the quality of letter making.

We are going to eat all the millions of chocolate initials. Most of them come from the grocery store. The quality differ quite a bit, it appears to be a test of the Dutch Consumers ‘ association.

“A chocolate initial can be done in two ways-to be made,” says The Dutchman, known for including 24Kitchen and the recently released book Chocolate. “Cast in a mould, or sprayed onto a cookie sheet. Large-scale manufacturers to produce the letters out of the large molds for the pastry chef or pastry chef in both of the ways to do this.”

Chocolate initials in existence for about half of the sugar. Also, they are quite bold, for about a third of cocoa butter and milk powder, mainly saturated fatty acids.

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A small letter, it contains less sugar but more fat

“To make chocolate initials to be good to be able to squirt with the help of a piping bag the chocolate is thickened by heavy cream or butter to add to it,” explains The Resident of. Because of this, it contains a small letter, less sugar, and more fats.

“In order for something to be able to tell us about the quality of the cocoa, we need to take a few steps back to see how the cocoa is made.
Hidde de Brabander, meesterpatissier

The main difference between the fabrieksletters and traditional groups is in accordance with the meesterpatissier, however, is the quality of the cocoa.

“Good cocoa is, it is the foundation of your character. No matter how the letter is made, it starts with chocolate,” he said. How can you as a consumer see it? “This is it, you can see the difference is only a taste.”

The percentage of cacao on the packaging, it says something, but it’s more of a chocolate does not automatically mean better quality.

Thus, cocoa is made

The Dutchman: “in Order for something to be able to tell us about the quality of the cocoa, we need to take a few steps back to see how the cocoa is made.

“Cocoa beans come from the fruit of the cacao tree, generally out of the west and of Africa,” he says. Each fruit contains from thirty to forty seeds.

After the harvest the cocoa beans with banana leaves, covered and laid in the sun. Because the beans go to fermentation, they are dark brown, and they have the typical cocoa flavour.

The coffee beans are ground and roasted and the shells removed. What remains is the cocoa liquor is then pressed, making cocoa butter and cocoa powder emerge. “Because of the cocoa powder, sugar, and cocoa butter, add to it, you’ll get the pure chocolate. When milk is milk, be added,” says The Dutchman. White chocolate contains no cocoa liquor, or cocoa butter, and milk, and sugar.”

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The quality of the bean depends not only on the composition of the bean but also on the fermentation process and the drying process of the bean. During these processes, the broad bean, for example, was the same everyday, the quality is not as good.

The Resident advises that for the best chocolate initial to be a pastry chef or a pastry chef-to-go. “They are indeed more expensive, but you can taste the difference, really.” It is, of course, is that the taste does not fall in the world.

If you like sustainability and fair trade is important to you, then look at the purchase of a chocolate initial on the labels, UTZ, and Fairtrade.

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