Mediawaakhond will find that BNN-VARA border has reached breaking rules

Mediawaakhond will find that BNN-VARA border has reached breaking rules

The commissariaat voor de Media will find that BNN-VARA the limit with violating advertising rules. That is why, mediawaakhond the broadcaster warned of fines.

Reports that the office of the Commissioner of the Media in a reaction to after reports in the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad. If programs like The World is turning again in the error, it immediately gains a penalty. The program was all of december 2015 to end February 2016, under “intensive” supervision.

Also, there is spoken about the interview with driver Max Verstappen in the late night show Pauw. The conversation contained, according to the mediawaakhond too much advertising. The Formula 1 driver was wearing in an interview with Jeroen Pauw, a cap and jacket with the logo of Red Bull.

The World Runs By time recently time the rules because the “exaggerated and excessive” pay attention to a concert by Jett Rebel.

Thus, it was not the first time that the broadcasting of the advertising rules to transgress. In October and november last year, BNN-VARA warned after DWDD attention was paid to betaalapp Bunq and Linda TV. Also was the mediawaakhond not happy with the attention for a restaurant of the broadcaster.


The broadcaster and the Commissariat for the Media in July and september about the transgressions spoken. The director of BNN-VARA, Gerard Timmer, says in NRC about this and clarity about what is acceptable and what is not. “But we have sometimes other opinions about it.”

“We have a makersperspectief. As The Economist Ali B said to be the most influential person in the multicultural debate, we will find that the cover of that magazine must be able to show.”


In the case of Verstappen says Timmer that the driver is not in advance let you know that he per se are sponsorkleding wanted to wear. “But if you are at him to arrive for an interview and he is wearing a cap and a jacket with a logo, you grab the camera in because that the Commissioner should not? There is the tension. That interview is praised, a lot of views, is relevant. There knelt the legal and social reality.”

Monday 5 september was Verstappen to be a guest on pep talk of Ziggo Sport, where he not sponsorkleding wore.

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