Media Trump-Russia agreement cover is the ‘worst journalistic debacles of my life:’ Brit Hume

in the vicinityVideoBrit Hume calls the media coverage of the consultation narrative of the ‘worst journalistic debacles of my life’

There is a lot of soul must be-searching-to-many leading members of the media, says Fox News senior judicial analyst Brit Hume.

Fox News Senior Political Analyst Brit Hume delivered a sharp rebuke to the mainstream media, according to Robert Müller Russia’s probe came to an end.

Hume suggested the media played up the story to win the Trump in cooperation with Russia, the 2016 presidential elections – triggered by the publication of the results of Robert Mueller’s investigation, on “America’s Newsroom” on Monday.

“It is the worst journalistic debacles of my life, and I have said in this business about 50 years,” Hume. “I have never seen anything this bad in so long. It was a terrible thing. There is a lot of soul must be-searching-to-many leading members of the media today and in the future.”


Hume said reporters, politicians and the public should “welcome any effort to go back and find out exactly how this debacle was launched.

“When I say debacle,” he continued, “I am referring to the political accusation of collusion, this is evidenced by our media and our politics, for the two years… has led to this enormous investigation has now admitted the President on this whole collusion story.

“We have been in this business, in our business, and Sandra, you need to look back and say” how in the world some big news organizations, networks, Newspapers and so on, have to devote so much time, as it turned out, completely unfounded speculation ” about the most serious crimes you can imagine, the Assembly, which heard in some cases, the accusations, the betrayal.”

And for those who urge that the collusion story, Hume suggests, a little humility would not help to see though, as of Monday afternoon he is much.


“I see a handful of honest, liberal journalists have to agree to no use for Trump, this was bad reporting all the way and some of them are doing it for some time,” Hume said.

“The catalogue of baseless speculation and wild accusations is a very long time and I see very few signs of any real introspection.

“Everyone is now moving on to ” oh, there might be a possibility of obstruction of justice. I think this is likely to prove to be yet another wild-goose chase.”

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