Media reports of DOJ watchdog chastise Comey sets fired FBI boss’ style of leadership under the magnifying glass

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Design of the IG-report-rips, then-FBI Director Comey guide

The inspector General is investigating whether James Comey went beyond its authorities in the year 2016, when he has publicly discussed the Clinton E-Mail inquiry and recommended against criminal charges; chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge reports from Washington.

A media report that the Ministry of justice has a watchdog, a preliminary assessment of the chastises James Comey for defying authority sets the former FBI-chief-style of leadership under the magnifying glass.

Justice Department inspector General Michael Horowitz was exploring the DOJ and FBI actions during the 2016 presidential campaign, including whether Comey exceeded his authority in July 2016, when he publicly debated the Hillary Clinton E-Mail-recommended investigation and surcharge.

This decision angered Democrats, because they have the responsibility for the criminal case ultimately rested with his boss at the time, the former attorney General, Loretta Lynch.

Comey said since, that Lynch’s infamous June meeting 2016 Phoenix Asphalt with former President Bill Clinton during the trial, as well as other non-public, and unconfirmed intelligence suggested may have, Lynch would short-circuit the investigation, led him to the public to go with the FBI findings, that Hillary was Clinton’s “extremely reckless.”

What’s taking so long with the Inspector General’s report on the Crooked Hillary and Slippery, James Comey. Numerous Delays. Hope the report is not modified and weaker! There is to tell so many terrible things, the public has a right to know. Transparency!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) 5. June 2018

A source quoted by ABC News claimed the report the DOJ watchdog called specifically Comey “undue”, with much of the criticism centering on the way he was. treated re-opening of the Clinton E-Mail probe in the days leading up to election day in 2016 Fox News has not confirmed the NBC report.

Horowitz is the report also takes aim Lynch, according to ABC News. Comey testified before Congress that Lynch advised him to call the criminal probe of Clinton a “thing”, but as an investigation. Comey said that the relevant language.

The DOJ IG reported, rebuke Comey, the President, Trump has called “untrue” slime ball” after firing him last year, is not contrary to the by-the-book, responsible image Comey has carefully cultivated since his departure from the office.

Oct. 28, 2016, Comey publicly informed the Congress that the investigation be resumed, as new E-Mails have been discovered, may contain confidential information.

Comey said, was ignored for at least a superiors in the justice Department, which said that the comment would be public on the ongoing investigation against the policy, in addition to tortious interference in the presidential campaign so close to the election day, sources told ABC News.

The reported points of criticism in the design of the DOJ review would echo put the scathing criticism against Comey, in a memo from Deputy attorney General Rod Rosenstein last year, before Trump decided to fire him.

In the memo to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Rosenstein was particularly critical of Comey with unilateral decision-making, a press-conference in July 2016, in which he announced that Hillary was Clinton’s “extremely sloppy” handling of classified information, but that “no reasonable state would operate a lawyer”.


“It is not the function of the Director as a notice,” wrote Rosenstein, namely, that Comey should have simply referred the case to the public Prosecutor without the staging of a dramatic, analysis-filled press conference.

Rosenstein also Comey criticized for the public opening of the Clinton-E-Mail probe in October, citing several DOJ officials, called the move “inappropriate.”

In his recently published book, “A Higher loyalty,” Comey ethical leadership” in Washington called for”, as some commentators questioned whether he had lived up to this standard.

Horowitz’s final report is expected to be released soon. The watchdog’s report had broad bipartisan support when it began in January of 2017.

Catherine Herridge is an award-winning chief Intelligence correspondent for FOX News Channel (FNC) based in Washington, DC she covers intelligence, the justice Department and the Department of Homeland Security. Herridge joined FNC in 1996 as the London correspondent.

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