Media mount a counter-offensive against heavy criticism-probe ends

in the vicinity ofthe video Howard Kurtz: the news-leader to say that you have no regrets on Mueller-cover

The soul-searching forget. The media counter-attack is in progress.

With harsh criticism coming from the left and the right-hand side, such as Robert Müller ends of the probe, the leaders of major news organizations, along with various experts defend their work and their colleagues.

And most of them do not give an inch.

Nope, you are basically saying that we have done everything right.

You are not to reflect, whether you are banging the drum so loudly that it sounded like Donald Trump presidency on the way to collapse. You are not, if you increased the expectations for the probe to an absurd degree. You are not discussing whether the reporting in bled, comment more of its practitioners joined at the same time the cable-news parade.

The New York Times, several news leaders.

CNN President Jeff Zucker is “quite comfortable” with the handling of the story:

“We are not investigators. We are journalists, and our role in it, the facts of the reports, as we know it, this is exactly what we have done. A sitting President of his own justice Department investigated his campaign for the interaction with a hostile nation. The not is enormous, because the media says so. This is enormous, because it never happened.”

Ted Koppel: the New York Times, Washington Post ‘decided’ that Trump is bad for the United States

Washington-Post-editor-in-chief Marty Baron: “The special counsel’s investigation documented, as we reported, extensive Russian interference in the election of 2016 and widespread fraud on the part of some advisers to the President on Russian contacts, and other things. Our task is to bring the facts to light. Other provisions relating to prosecutable crimes.”

And Dean Baquet, Times executive editor: “We wrote a lot about Russia, and I have not regretted it. It is not to determine whether or not it was illegal.”

Joe Scarborough offered high-decibel defense of the reporting on his MSNBC show: “Don’ T knock a Reporter for The New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, the broadcast networks do for their work, right.” He also took several shots at Fox opinion hosts.

Overall, I think there is something of a straw-man argument here.

Of course, a criminal investigation into the Trump campaign, which resulted in 37 indictments, and led to the conviction of former top-trump-employees that are required in detail and treated aggressively.

Of course, the fact that Müller rejected, not to bring further charges means that all the stories about the accusations and Trump’s were dealing with them — and not to forget his constant attacks on the special counsel is wrong.

And, of course, politicians can behave unethical, and not explicitly against the law.

Glenn Greenwald claims he has been banned from MSNBC for accession to Russia, in consultation narrative

So the Problem is not the cover vs. no cover. It is relatively cover vs. Defcon 1 coverage, the drumbeat of here-is-the-last-drawer of the President vs. here-are-the-latest-developments and new questions that our reporting was able to sink it.

While “journalists, not investigators are” in the law enforcement sense of place routinely in your investigative work for the prices, and promote it as “a New York Times/Washington Post/CNN investigation has revealed…”

And, in the obliterated line between reporting, analysis, and a cable semi-knowledge in a time when most of the reporters for the story of the TV contracts. And this is, without comment, that the President as a potential traitor, orchestrating a coverup that could lead to impeachment.

By the way, Fox News covered the hell out of this story, though often in a skeptical vein, and with more focus on possible MIS office, the Ministry of justice and the FBI conduct in the Müller ‘ s, especially on the opinion page.

But what struck me, as the convictions come from both conservatives and liberals.

Here is a piece in The Federalist:

“In the past two years, a large swath of the media act of self-deception, and partisan group think is involved in a mass. Maybe it was Watergate envy or bitterness on Donald Trump’s victory, or antagonism towards Republicans in General — or, probably, a little bit of all of the above. But now that Special Counsel Robert Muller delivered his report on the Russian agreement, it is clear that political journalists have to delegitimize the commandments of those who wanted to, and get the Trump choice.”

And here is one of Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi:

“Nobody wants to hear this, but the news that the Special Prosecutor, Robert Mueller is on the way home without the issue of new fees is a death-blow to the reputation of the American media.”

Glenn Greenwald of the Intercept said Fox, MSNBC “should have their top hosts on primetime, go in front of the cameras and hang your head in shame, and apologize for lying to the people for three straight years …

Dershowitz: Müller, the decision on disability is to

“It was a whole lot, not just for me, from left to journalists with a very high journalistic credentials, far more than any other in this network, such as Matt Taibbi and Jeremy Scahill and many others, including myself, get banned from the network because they wanted their audience to know that someone was questioning and the expression of skepticism about the lies and the fraud that they sold, because it was so profitable.”

Alan Dershowitz, the liberal Harvard law professor, sounded a similar note: on Fox, almost all of the experts were “just completely wrong. It’s time for you to fess up, it’s time for the CNN issue an apology. CNN banned me from the air, because I was too fair. I was trying to assess what was the main Problem, and I was not biased. You did not want that.”

Of course, Dershowitz got more Fox invitations once he was trump regular defense.


The President is not moving, tweeting yesterday that “the Mainstream media are under fire, and despised all over the world as a corrupt and FAKE.” After pressing the “Russian agreements delusional,” he said, “you really are the enemy of the people, and the Real opposition party!” This is the first time that he advanced in the prosecution of more than just the “fake news”, and, in my view, goes too far.

But if you said Ted Koppel, Trump is right that “the establishment press, it” — the discovery that the Times and the Post — and in earlier times-say editor, Jill Abramson, the reporting is “unmistakably anti-trump,” that should the people in the profession some pause.

To say, for its leading members, they have no remorse, why much of the country is losing trust in the media.

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