Means brexit also end of success Premier League?

Thursday, speaks to the United Kingdom in a referendum on its EU membership. If the British decide to exit the European Union, what are the consequences for the football? “Simon Mignolet is a problem.’

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Within the EU is the free movement of workers is a basic right. If the British decide to get out of the EU, is that right, in principle, not more in the United Kingdom. European soccer players fall over – unless negotiations differently will decide – subject to the same rigorous admission requirements which are now all for African and South-American footballers apply.

Nico Vaesen keepte six seasons in England, and is currently a football agent. He estimates the consequences: “A Brexit would not only for the football to take a step back, but for the whole of the English economy. The British pound will devalue, and the life is more expensive. Supporters will not more with cheap Ryanairvluchten to European races can fly, players will earn and the tv will be less money to pay for a product that value respected. Today the Premier League is the Hollywood of the football: with a Brexit disappears.’

One of the players he competed the move to the Premier League helped to create, is Simon Mignolet. The Liverpooldoelman and Red Devil informed at Vaesen what is for him the consequences of a Brexit. “Then, Simon has a problem,” says Vaesen in Sport/Voetbalmagazine. Mignolet then does come from a country that is among the top ten of the FIFA belongs – one of the strict conditions if you are a foreigner from outside the EU in the Premier League to get started – but if wisselspeler he collected too few caps with his national team. A problem so, even if Vaesen a blow to the arm: ‘In the event of a Brexit will be a transition phase before. The expectation is that we to a soft leave, not a hard leave. Players will not retroactively be excluded. Who is there now, will be able to continue.’

If the Brits decide on their EU membership to say, break there is indeed a long process of negotiation. During that process continues to the United Kingdom ordinary member of the EU. At the latest after two years there must be a godsend. ‘The possible consequences will be so until about two years really let feelings,” says Stefaan Van den Bogaert, professor of European law and head of the Europa Institute in Leiden (the Netherlands). Van den Bogaert, please note that the soup is not so hot will be eaten as it is served. “The financial interests of the Premier League are too big. She has an interest in the most important competition of Europe. I suspect that, in the case of a Brexit will be sought to a scheme to the current preferential status for EU players to leave.’

Read the full report about the consequences of a Brexit in Sport/Voetbalmagazine of Wednesday, June 22.

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