McGregor alludes to comeback and rematch against Nurmagomedov

Conor McGregor is going to return as an MMA fighter and wants a rematch against Khabib Nurmagomedov. The eccentric Irishman put at the end of march a further point behind an eventful career of ten years.

The last battle of the thirty years ‘ McGregor dates back to October, when he and Nurmagomedov to the world title in the lightweight fought. The Russian won and after the fight it went in and outside the octagon seriously out of hand.

“I had that night, the last word with a blow to the eye socket of the brother of Nurmagomedov. Although the victory is not for me, went the battle, my side,” says the much talked about McGregor in an interview.

“This war is not yet over. If there is no rematch, is that not up to me. Nurmagomedov and his team to walk for the road. I’m ready for it. Let’s see what happens. I am sure that we have a time opposite of each other, whether I win or lose.”

McGregor, one of the best fighters of the UFC, announced two months ago in a short statement his farewell. This he did in april 2016 also, and when he returned four months later, already back as a MMA fighter.


Big fight outside the ring after UFC fight with McGregor

“There are a lot of sharks, but I’m a whale’

In early april, said Nurmagomedov and UFC boss Dana White not to believe in the parting of McGregor and the two seem to be ever equivalent to be able to get. McGregor thinks that he is the only one which claims to be the kampioensgordel in the lightweight.

“I want what I earn,” said the Irishman. “There are in this sport, a lot of political games being played and there are a lot of sharks, but I am the whale. I want what is mine and that I will get well.”

McGregor was the first UFC fighter in two different weight classes (featherweight and lightweight) champion. ‘The Notorious’ is still suspended for his behavior after his lost titelgevecht with Nurmagomedov.

It was not the first time that McGregor made the news due to misconduct. So he went a year ago through the ribbon at a UFC press presentation – he threw a hand truck through the window of a bus containing MMA-fighters – and he was in march arrested when he came to the phone destroyed from someone that a photo of him wanted to make.

McGregor was in his career a total of 25 times in action in the MMA. He posted 21 wins and went four times removed.


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