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The political process of filling John McCain’s Senate seat

Former Gov., Jan Brewer (Ariz.), on the passing of Sen. John McCain, President Trump’s tweet, and the potential successor to Sen. McCain.

Arizona’s Republican Governor is navigating a political mine field, as he weighs whom the late Sen. John McCain appoint ‘ s seat.

Required by state law to a replacement participant name, fill the seat until 2020, the election, Gov. Doug Ducey have to balance the requirements of the state’s conservatives – some of them are bitter about McCain’s criticism of President Trump and his immigration stance – with the desire to respect the legendary GOP senator, the heir to the family by the appointment of a successor in his image.

And he must do this while the state is in the midst of a heated midterm races, the space will be vacated by Republican Sen. Jeff Flake. Primaries for both parties are to be held, on Tuesday.

“Ducey, the job is simple and complex at the same time,” Jason Rose, a political consultant and founder of Rose + Moser + Allyn Public Relations in Scottsdale, told Fox News. “It has to be someone step in McCain’s very large shoes, and that is not going to be easy.”

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During the speech of McCain, the replacement is troubled, because he was diagnosed with brain cancer more than a year ago, Ducey has refused to discuss possible successors out of respect for McCain and his family. Ducey’s office also noted on Sunday that he has no announcement of a replacement until after McCain’s funeral at his alma mater, the U.S. Naval Academy, later this week.

“Out of respect for the life and legacy of Senator John McCain and his family, Governor Ducey not have any announcements about a date until after the Senator is laid to rest,” Daniel Ruiz II, a senior Advisor to Ducey, said PBS. “Now is a time for remembering and worship of a result is a lived-life is good.”

Ducey, like the silence on the matter, but has not stopped analysts from a weight could on who’s in the closer McCain replaced in the Senate, with all of the former U.S. Senate Republican whip Jon Kyl, former Rep. Matt Salmon, former Ambassador to Finland, Barbara Barrett, McCain’s, Cindy’s widow, when hovered.

Other names mentioned: Maj. Gen. Michael McGuire, Director of the Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs and the adjutant general of the state, the army and Air National Guards; Karrin Taylor Robson, the Ducey appointed to the state Board of Regents in 2017; and Kirk Adams, former state House speaker who now serves as Ducey’s chief of staff.

Some analysts say that the choice of Ducey, whether or not he wants to appoint someone for the long-term, or caretaker, of the would to the side, during the next General elections in the year 2020, to run, in the case of Ducey decides for the seat.

“I ordered a caretaker or do I need to appoint someone to stand for election?” Doug Cole, a former McCain-employees and veterans of Arizona-strategist asked. “He has to choose from the family?”

Some observers predict that the Governor be sought to the McCain family’s wishes. This led to widespread speculation that Cindy McCain could be chosen, probably under the assumption that they would not run for the seat in 2020. But Cindy McCain are the policy largely unknown.

Despite its role, the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh is the custodian of the Supreme Court and the Republican’s reluctance to again overturn, to process, another caretaker option, Kyl would be considered, now a Washington lobbyist as a safe, uncontroversial choice.

“McCain was an exception to the rule, so many ways,” Rose said. “You will not be able to fill his shoes, so that you have someone so close to him as possible. And that would be Jon Kyl. You can’t go wrong with Kyl.”

Arizona officials speculate that one of two former members of the Congress of state, John Shadegg and Matt Salmon, also have the chance to fill the seat. You are a stalwart both of the GOP, which does not have a history of feuding with the base. State Treasurer Eileen Small, could also would be a strong candidate in 2020, if Ducey wants to select someone to run for the election, rather than a caretaker, according to Republican activists.

“If Ducey decides to appoint a moderate senator, which could help him in the long term,” Rose said, adding that the Governor is facing a weak primary challenge from his right in the state primary elections on Tuesday.

The person who was before, McCain is likely to be a successor of Arizona Rep. Martha McSally. As the deceased senator, a former fighter pilot — one of the first women to fly in combat and an air force colonel. But you have to run for the Senate seat to Flake, McCain, riled the state of the conservative base of bucking Trump on immigration and other topics.

Like Ducey, McSally faces a primary on Tuesday, but their challenge from the right stiffer than the Governor. It also shows how tense the McCain Problem is for Arizona Republicans.

One of her rivals, former state senator, Kelli Ward, ran against McCain in the 2016 GOP primary. On Saturday, hours before McCain died, and was speculating on Facebook that the family McCain announced the senator was the end of the medical treatment on Friday to distract from your final sprint of the primary school.

Not to mention earlier this month, McSally even avoided McCain’s name, while bragging rights you’d have with trump at the signing of the defense bill, named McCain the honor. McCain supporters and the senator’s daughter Meghan tattered McSally, the lead for the President in not to mention McCain.

Who gets the strong from Ducey in office until the next General election in November 2020. The interim senator would not be obliged to run the election. The candidate is then elected to the Senate seat in November 2020, McCain would be the term of office expires in January 2023.

If Ducey to choose the state of the current Congress members to fill the seat, then a special election would have to be held to fill that empty spot. According to the Arizona State legislature, the election had to be held “not less than 120 and not more than 133 days,” according to the site.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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