McCain’s longtime aide-de-camp, gets emotional reading the late senator’s farewell statement

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A family spokesperson reads a farewell letter from John McCain

Former McCain campaign manager Rick Davis reads Senator John McCain, the last message to America: “I lived and died a proud American.’

Sen. John McCain, the longtime campaign manager, got emotional on Monday at the reading of the late legislature, the farewell message to the American people.

On the occasion of a press conference in Arizona, Rick Davis, his feelings, and often-needed break held back during the reading of the late Arizona Republican has remained the definitive statement, in the McCain, true to his reputation for “straight talk” and Americans are encouraged to “not despair of our present difficulties.”

“I have often observed that I am the happiest man on earth. That’s how I feel now, as I prepare myself to the end of my life,” says Davis read. “To be connected to America’s causes — freedom, equality, respect for the dignity of all people — brings happiness, more beautiful than life’s fleeting pleasures. Our identity and sense of self-worth are not defined, but increased by the service of a good cause is greater than ourselves.”

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Davis served as McCain’s campaign manager during his 2008 presidential bid if McCain won the Republican nomination, but ultimately lost to Barack Obama, and the senator’s campaign manager for his 2000 Republican Presidential Primary campaign.

McCain ‘ s farewell message mixed his deep gratitude and love to the country, with veiled shots at President Trump and words of wisdom of his fellow citizens.

The late senator said in his letter that the United States is weakened “when we confuse our patriotism with tribal rivalries” and “if we hide ourselves behind walls instead of tear them down.”

Trump has questions there is a wall on the southern border of his signature.

McCain and Trump never had a simple relationship.

While the senator, the party held in the year 2016 presidential candidate, trump card, sometimes, seemingly gritting his teeth — until the release a month before the election of a lewd audio, in the Trump, he said kissing was and attack women.

He explains that the breaking point, McCain pulled his support, and said he would write “some good conservative Republican, who is qualified to be President.”

By the time McCain and his voice bill issue against the GOP-health, six months in Trump’s presidency, the two men were publicly at odds. Trump rails against McCain publicly about the vote, and McCain said that he didn’t stop what had to say Trump, because “there is no point in it.”

In his last months, McCain will not go quietly, frequently jabbing at the Trump, and its policy of the removal of his Hidden valley for the whole family in Arizona. He resisted the President’s nominee for the CIA Director, Gina reel, because of their past role in the monitoring of torture, scolding trump for alienating U.S. allies in an international summit, called the administration’s zero-tolerance immigration policy “an affront to the decency of the American people” and denounced the trump-Vladimir Putin summit in Helsinki as a “tragic error”, in the trump put on “one of the most unworthy appearances by a U.S. President in memory.

While McCain, in his farewell made a statement overtures to the Americans to cast aside their partisan divides — the statement, “we always had so much more in common with each other, as in the case of disagreement,” — he concluded with the invitation to the public to not despair about the country, the current status, but to believe, the country and the American experiment.

“Do not despair of our present difficulties but to believe always in the promise and greatness of America, because nothing is inevitable here,” McCain. “The Americans never leave. We never give up. We hide, you never run out of story. We make the story.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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