McCain’s kin cries on the coffin, emotional memorial; crowds brave the Phoenix heat for hours for the chance to say good-bye

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The people pay respect to McCain in Arizona

Arizona memorial service, John McCain. Trace Gallagher reported.

At least 1,500 people in respect to sen. John McCain, who succumbed to an aggressive form of brain tumour on Saturday flocked closed over his, flag-draped coffin at the Arizona Capitol.

Well-wishers waited in line, in the crushing heat of summer — the high in Phoenix was 104 degrees for a few hours, take part in the public viewing on Wednesday.

Families with children paid respects. Men stopped to Salute next to the coffin, or a bow.

The people came from out of state. You can also find out about the political lines and the entire spectrum of age groups.

Barry and Linda Vittori separately the approximately five-hour drive from San Diego in the night on Wednesday. Linda Vittori, said embodies McCain “, what I think, our ancestors had hoped that our country would be.”

Vietnamese veterans in their uniforms, saluted McCain the coffin, and a mariachi singer, schrammelte on his guitar and sang outside as a tribute.

Ray Riordan, an 87-year-old Marine veteran who fought in the Korean war, came from Payson, Arizona.

“I grew up where a handshake was a contract, and your word is said of their loyalty,” Riordan. “He represents the last, which, as far as I’m concerned.”

Kassandra Morales, 44, was in line with her sons, aged 8 and 2. The single mother and a Democrat, who came with a bouquet of flowers, said she had long looked up to McCain.

“Yesterday my son, who was his hero asked me. He gave me a rapper’s name,” Morales said. “I have my children here to show them what was a real hero.”


The display came on what would have been the Republican senator’s 82nd birthday, followed by an emotional private ceremony with McCain’s family and colleagues.

Cindy McCain, wife of Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., sets the head on the coffin during a mourning ceremony at the Arizona Capitol on Wednesday in Phoenix.

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During the private service, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey McCain remembered not only as a senator, and internationally renowned figure, but an important figure in the history of their country.

While Barry Goldwater, an Arizona native, McCain was “Arizona’s favorite adopted son,” the Governor said of McCain, who was born in the Panama canal Zone and served while his father was in the army.

Meghan McCain, daughter of Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., cries on the coffin of her father during a funeral ceremony at the Arizona Capitol on Wednesday in Phoenix.

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“The idea of a in Arizona, John McCain is like Malte Arizona without the Grand Canyon,” said Ducey.

Cindy McCain, the late senator, his wife, pressed her face against the flag-draped coffin, and several of his children, sobbed during services for the state of man, presidential candidate and former prisoner of war.

The private service at the Arizona Capitol marked died the first appearance of McCain, members of the family since the senator.

The former Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl, said he had been with McCain throughout the world. McCain, he said, had the better instincts, to say when, the US power than anyone else he knew.

Kyl said he would be McCain, whose greatest contribution was in the area of national security.

“I’ll miss him as a friend, and a strong force for America and the world,” said Kyle.

Sen. Jeff Flake offered the blessing in the service.

His words were: “Now, as we go forward, we remember your humble servant, to answer with cheerfulness and joy, to summon to his reputation, to see the better angels of our nature, and to appreciate the humanity in our opponents, to be more forgiving, so we forgive, maybe.”

Thursday morning with a procession through Phoenix on the way to a funeral in North Phoenix Baptist Church, with the public invited to line the route along Interstate 17, according to officials.

The memorial service is set to a tribute of an Ex-Vice President Joe Biden. The musical selection includes a recessional accompanied by Frank Sinatra’s “My Way”.

From there, McCain of Arizona, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, leaving, officials say.

See more in the celebration at the Washington National Cathedral is scheduled for the U.S. Capitol on Friday with a final memorial.

For some Arizona residents, McCain is a policy holder for their whole life. He entered his office in the state to fill in the early 1980s, first as a Congressman and then as senator of the seat, once of Goldwater.

Public viewing would go, as long as the people waiting in the queue, said Rick Davis, McCain’s former campaign manager.

Phil Hubbard, health care recruiters of Scottsdale, held a cold bottle of water in each hand, as he waited for a chance to make his respects.

“He believed in something,” said Hubbard, who had voted for McCain. “That’s what he did, and that is what many people need to do in this country. If you believe in something, to stand up, regardless of whether it is popular or not.”

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