Mayor of London blames torenbrand to ‘years of neglect’

Mayor of London blames torenbrand to ‘years of neglect’

The deadly torenbrand in London had, according to the mayor of the British capital can be prevented. Sadiq Khan said Sunday, according to the BBC that the tragedy was actually caused by the local government and successive governments, who are guilty would have been “years of neglect”.

Khan made the statement after a religious service in which the victims were commemorated. He showed this understanding for citizens who are angry at the authorities.

“People have the feeling that the council and the government their concerns not understand and also not be interested in,” concluded the mayor. He called it the inferno is a result of “the errors and neglect by the politicians”.

The fire led to at least 58 deaths and dozens of wounded, of whom about ten are still in danger of exclusion. The death toll, according to the authorities, amount to about seventy persons.


Shortly after the disaster showed that many conflicts were about the fire destroyed Grenfell Tower. Residents were complaining about the lack of fire safety, but that criticism would nothing have been done. The emotions run this high. Dozens of enraged protesters stormed Friday the office of the London borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

The mayor wrote in a Sunday published op-ed in The Observer that the deadly fire also has consequences for tens of thousands of residents of similar flats. They wonder whether they are safe.

Khan was not that such obsolete blocks of flats from the sixties and seventies in the aftermath of the fire at the plain.


The exterior cladding of the Grenfell Tower had in Great Britain shall not be used on such a large building, confirmed minister Philip Hammond (Finance) Sunday in a televisieinterview with the BBC.

“I have understood that the exterior cladding, these flammable cladding, which is banned in Europe and the USA, also is prohibited here”, said Hammond.

The cheap façade cladding is seen as the reason that the fire would quickly spread. The government concluded after the fire that the equipment is not used should not have a building higher than 18 metres. The minister referred, according to his spokesman to that communication.

Hammond further said that a criminal investigation should show whether building regulations were violated when the property was refurbished. From another research should show whether the building regulations have been drawn up correctly and are properly maintained.


The producer of the plastic façade cladding warned previously of the risks that this brought for tall buildings, as was last week known.

Tables in a brochure that the company’s Reynobond in 2016 published, show how the plates of polyethylene alone may be used for buildings that are less than ten metres.

“As soon as the building is higher than the ladders of the fire brigade, should other, less-flammable material be used”, state in the accompanying text.

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