May moslimrapper with grove texts occur in the Bataclan?

The French rapper Médine, who is in his lyrics including sing that he ‘fatwas will speak about the pigs’, is not allowed in the Bataclan play, find some of the politicians. Says Médine, he people a mirror wants to remember that.

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In France, the controversy arose about two gigs of rapper Médine in the Bataclan. There are going to be more on the hard texts of the hip hop artist, who in October two times, would play, have no place in the concert hall, where in november 2015, ninety people are killed in a terrorist attack. Médine sings in his song Don’t laïk that he “seemed to want to crucify such as Calvary’ and ‘fatwas will speak about the head of the pig.’

The bat was in the oyster thrown by Laurent Wauquiez, chairman of the Republican party, and Marine Le Pen, his counterpart at Rassemblement National, the former National Front. Le Pen tweette that ” no resident of France such dirty talk is allowed to accept. The aanvuren of islamic fundamentalism must stop!’ Grégory Roose, a member of the Rassemblement National, has been a petition started against the shows, which are already more than 23,000 signatures have been collected.

Médine writes his lyrics, he said previously in interviews, to his own words, to ” a trap for all the fighters that, look no further than the image.’ He wants to be absolutely talk about the way in which the republican value of the lekenstaat today is being manipulated to divide while it is made for the people to unite.’

On the current controversy, he responded with a long Facebookpost, which he called the ‘abject attacks of november 13, again, rejects and says that he is already fifteen years against all forms of radicalisation, fight’. ‘Must be the extreme right-wing programming of our concert halls to dictate?’

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