Maxine Waters meets with FEC complaint over a mailer of money

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Ethics complaint filed against Maxine Waters

The complaint accuses a Democrat of ” incitement to violence.” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton, the house needs waters to hold said responsible.

Democratic Republic of Maxine Waters, one of the most outspoken members of the anti-Trump ‘resistance’ in the Congress, with fresh questions about a long-standing controversy about how your campaign raises money, and how these funds are flowed to their daughter.

The California Congressman has increased to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars each election cycle from some of your state’s biggest politicians, to become listed on sent on your slate mailer sample ballot in the traditional way of post to about 200,000 voters in Los Angeles to highlight who they supported.

Since 2004, the campaign has, in turn, allegedly $750,000 paid to the Congressman’s daughter, Karen waters, or their public relations firm, Progressive Connections, to produce help.

A government watchdog, filed in July, the first of two complaints with the Federal Election Commission asking for a complete audit of the citizens for water campaign.

‘Maxine Waters found an old provision and turned it into a house of industry.’

– Tom Anderson, National Legal and Policy Center

The first complaint claimed that the water broke federal campaign finance law, and also the name of the California Democratic state Central Committee, and Sen. Kamala Harris, a likely 2020 Democratic presidential contenders.

The conservative National Legal and Policy center is the development of a second wider complaint, the concentration on the sources of the money goes to the water campaign and flows, your daughter and the accuracy of campaign finance reports, said Tom Anderson, Director of the group, the government integrity project.

Rep. waters, first elected in 1990, has been in the headlines lately for their calls President accuse Trump and statements urging the public confrontations with his Cabinet officials.

Well prior to your current political fame, but they mastered this somewhat rare form of fundraising in the slate Mailer. California’s top politicians as well as local office-seekers have given up, far beyond the legal contribution limits for your campaign to be on the slate of approved candidates. The campaign then pays Karen Waters and other companies to produce, print, and E-mail the sample ballot. The FEC approved the practice by waters in 2004.

“Maxine Waters was an old provision and turned it into a cottage industry,” Anderson told Fox News.

But the FEC complaint, filed on July 25, States that the California Democratic party, paid $35,000 to the water-close campaign in 2016, the recommendation of Harris’ Senate candidacy on the mailer. The FEC complaint, the Fund cited October a campaign, report claims a third party is not legally allowed to pay for the mailer, the candidate, without a refund from the year 2004, the FEC report.

A separate report shows that the Harris campaign paid $30,000 for the water campaign earlier in the year 2016 for a primary slate mailer, but no further payments.

“The Democratic state Central Committee of California $ 35,000 contribution to citizens for waters violated campaign Finance limits,” the complaint States.


Neither waters’ congressional office nor any of its 2018 campaign responds to telephone and E-Mail requests. Karen Waters not to reply to messages on the answering machine. A California democratic party spokesman and Harris’s Senate office did not respond to phone and E-Mail requests.

The consignor continues to be a lucrative source of money.

For the 2018 election cycle, the FEC data shows, as of 28. In July, the Democrat Gavin Newsom, the Governor’s elections campaign paid $27,000 to the waters ” campaign for re-election in the Mailer.

The state Democratic party snubbed sen Dianne Feinstein in this year, but you paid $27,000 and has the water approval. Candidates for the state Assembly, sheriff, and judges, paid between $2,000 and $12,000 citizens for waters on the Mailer.

FEC data also show how the 28. In July, the citizen has to pay for water, Karen Waters, $54,000 working for the election of the 2018 cycle, especially for slate mailers, but also for other campaign. The congressional campaign paid her $72,000 2016 cycle, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, which tracks money in politics.

In November, in the waters in front of Republican Omar Navarro, 29, a small business owner. The 79-year-old incumbent beat Navarro in 2016, with 76 percent of the vote and overtake him again in the June “jungle primary” (in which the two parties can be performed), with 72 percent of the vote.

“She is re-elected, no matter what,” Anderson said. “You come Pat, and to tell other politicians in California, ‘do you want my approval,” because you know you don’t want them opposite.”

Their growing importance in the opponents ‘ trump suit is probably more of an impact, Anderson said.

“If you don’t pay, be on your slate, then maybe you are one of Trump’s people,” Anderson said. “A local politician, as a judge, you don’t want to be on your bad side.”

Legally, the candidates have the payment of a compensation for the slate mailer, rather than buying a confirmation. But it is difficult to prove whether the water approval comes as a result of the payment or, if already approved candidates pay for their share, said Adav Noti, a former FEC assistant general counsel.

“These payments are legitimate, if it is approximate, the costs for the entity, the preparation, printing and dispatch of the E-Mails,” Noti, now a senior director at the campaign Legal Center, told Fox News. “To see the information on the cost of the mailer, it is difficult to say if there is something wrong with the mathematics.”

Federal law technically limits individual campaign contributions to $2,700 to a candidate Committee and $5,000 to a political action committee.

“This is certainly violating the spirit of campaign-Finance laws, but the FEC does not seem to think it violates the letter of the law,” said John Wonder, Executive Director of the Sunlight Foundation, a non-partisan watchdog group, first reported on the practice by the water campaign in 2010, and the connection with your daughter.

“In this case it is a question of enrichment for a family member?” Wonder Added. “How much of the money goes through, cover postage and printing? It may be unsavory, but not damaged. Much depends on the extent that the money passes through.”

In 2004, the FEC’s opinion, signed by Democratic FEC Commissioner Ellen Weintraub, described the slate Mailer as follows: “The prospectus is a prominent image or the shape of Representative waters, on the front page. It is promoted as a representative of Waters ‘official specimen ballot” and contains a short quotes which convey your opinions and recommendations of the Federal and non-Federal candidates.”

In 2004, the FEC opinion States that the payments of the other candidates “would not donate as support or property, which any Federal candidate appearing in the brochure, so long as the authorized Committee of that Federal candidate reimbursed to the water Committee.”

Fred Lucas is the White house correspondent for The Daily Signal. Follow him @FredLucasWH.

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