Mattis is the 1. Pentagon chief to visit Guantanamo since 2002

Minister of defense of Jim Mattis visited to offer Guantanamo Bay holiday greetings to troops.


GUANTANAMO BAY, Cuba — U.S. Secretary of defense Jim Mattis of the U.S. naval base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, visited holiday greetings offer troops on Thursday. It was the first trip there by a Pentagon chief in almost 16 years.

Mattis meet with troops, not just the conditions of detention or the discussion about imprisoned political options. His stay comes amid uncertainty about the Trump administration’s policy on the continued use of the military prison.

President Donald Trump is not released yet, to go all Guantanamo prisoners, or added to the list of the men who cleared officially, to home or to a third country for resettlement.

Mattis is the first defence Minister to visit Guantanamo Bay since Donald Rumsfeld in January 2002, just weeks after the first prisoners arrived from Afghanistan in the early stages of the fight against terrorism. The detention center was set up to hold suspected terrorists shortly after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

Mattis arrived in Guantanamo on Wednesday evening and was accompanied by an Associated Press reporter.

Forty-one prisoners remain in detention. Ten were charged by a military Commission. Five have been cleared to leave, but her status is in doubt under the current administration.

That leaves 26 in perpetual confinement, although some could eventually be deleted, for the release, also, or prosecuted. Prosecutors are considering filing new legal challenges that argued that a policy of no releases means that the prisoners of confinement justified legally, as a temporary war measure.

President Barack Obama is trying, in the vicinity of the prison institution, but is thwarted by the Congress. The lawmaker objected to the transfer of detainees to confinement facilities in the United States.

Mattis has said little in public about Guantanamo Bay since he took office in January. The topic was not brought up in his Senate hearing.

In response to written questions submitted before the hearing, he said: “I believe that we have a repeatable detainee policy, which is suitable taken for enemy fighters captured should develop under such circumstances.”

Asked whether the United States should keep prisoners without trial, he said: “long-term detention is suitable, if a normal enemy belligerent represents a continuing significant threat to the security of the United States.”

U.S. attorney General Jeff Sessions visited the prison in July.

Sessions that underscore the administration, the support for further use of the prison. He called to arrest a “perfectly acceptable” place new Terror suspect, in contrast to keep in the USA and with his own justice Department to try them in civilian courts.

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