Matthijs van Nieuwkerk will see the reasons for it in the spring to stop the DWDD

Matthijs van Nieuwkerk said in an interview with LINDA. for a number of reasons for this spring to stop the presentation of The ‘wereld Draait door’ (DWDD).

“Fifteen years is a good time, isn’t it? But the most important thing is that I will have anything else in my life…. A new horizon in. Oh well, we’ll have to see.”

What he is ‘ a tough act comes to do, to know, of Nieuwkerk, not yet. An early retirement pension, close to the 58-year-old television personality from. “Maybe in a little while, in the Rue du Bac, to live, perhaps for a boat to buy, a few more trips to make, at last to the city of Buenos Aires, this might be something for the public broadcasting service, to the sales people.”

At this time, says Van Nieuwkerk, however, to be ready for the fifteenth season, which is on the 2nd of september, from the start to the end.

“I was not begging-letter-to-wait”

Van Nieuwkerk was in the last few years to be central in the discussion of top salaries in the public service broadcasting sector. His salary is now reduced, but it’s critical to address does not seem to have been exhausted. The Media are speculating that the famous presenter is part of the reason that his turning to the commercial broadcasting company will look for it. One fear is that Nieuwkerks owner and managing director of the BNNVARA Gert-Jan Hox feels like.

In General, the Newspaper kept the Hox may be a plea, in which he has the salary of a Van Nieuwkerk argued. The effort of the Hox seemed to be the conclusion of the interview, that he has some time to do this, with a Van Nieuwkerk had been conducted. The doctor gave Van Nieuwkerk to the fact that he wanted to assess a new season, in spite of all the criticism is still to be done.

And that Hox and then publicly to the income of a Van Nieuwkerk went to defend herself, found the latter to be “not that smart, and bold”. “There was a large amount of criticism from The Hague, the public service broadcaster, for whom it isn’t, really. I didn’t do anything, let alone that the entire letter had been looking for. He admitted later that it was not so clever, was, of course, the antenna didn’t work or something like that.”

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