Matthew tapers to a hurricane of the third category, storm approaching Florida

Matthew tapers to a hurricane of the third category, storm approaching Florida

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Hurricane Matthew takes on the way to Florida in strength. The American weerinstituut the hurricane afgeschaald to category three. Haiti came through the hurricane certainly 339 people were killed.

Matthew was until now a hurricane of the fourth category, which means that wind speeds were up to 250 km per hour. At this time, counting the weerinstuut on a maximum wind speed of 193 miles per hour.

Currently is Matthew at a distance of something more than a hundred miles from the coast. The hurricane is moving at about twenty miles per hour in a northwesterly direction. The weather services keep the movements of Matthew is constantly in the holes and set the expectations.

In accordance with the current expectation is Matthew between 12.00 and 14.00 hours to land in Florida.

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State of emergency

President Obama announced Thursday night (Dutch time) the state of emergency. In Florida, but also in the states of Georgia and South Carolina, where the hurricane later is expected, it is an evacuation-advice given to millions of residents. According to the authorities it is for residents of vital importance to the coastal areas to leave.

As a result of the severe weather conditions that precede Matthew, is in Florida at various places the stream is down. Emergency services are advancing at a lot of places in the area, and tell residents emphatically to stay inside.

Strong warnings

The governor of Florida, Rick Scott, claims that the situation “catastrophic”. “There is no reason not to leave.” In Florida are approximately 3,500 members of the National Guard mobilized.

The national weather service of the United States, warns in strong terms for hurricane Matthew, and sees the hurricane as one of the most powerful in decades. The institute says that some areas may be weeks not occupied can be as a result of damage caused by the hard wind and rain.

Dead in Caribbean

The storm drew in the past few days over the Caribbean. Matthew has a lot of damage, and found, among other Haiti, Cuba and the Dominican Republic heavy. As a result of the hurricane in Haiti certainly 339 people to the life to come.

Devastation caused by hurricane Matthew

In Jacksonville (Florida), people have to take refuge in a school is found.

A man in South Carolina is preparing for the arrival of the hurricane.

In Florida remain subject to other amusement parks, the Friday close.

People leave Disney World in Orlando after it was decided to have the park to close.

A policeman walks on the beach of Singer Island (Florida), prior to the hurricane.

People do card games in a school in Florida, where they reside, in anticipation of the hurricane.

In Florida’s blowing and raining hard. Hurricane Matthew comes in the night from Thursday to Friday.

The hurricane is accompanied with heavy rain.

Hurricane Matthew are hundreds of deaths in Haiti.

The inhabitants of Croix Marche-a-Terre, in the southwestern part of Haiti, making food.

Inhabitants of Sous Roche, in the southwest of Haiti, to repair their houses.

Trees are almost omgeblazen in the Bahamas.

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Rescue workers in Haiti can some areas on the island still difficult to reach, making authorities fear that the death toll even further.

Also in the Dominican Republic came several persons to life.

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