Matching Cheerleading Shoes to your Uniform

Matching Cheerleading Shoes to your Uniform

Cheerleading shoes usually come in all white for a number of reasons: white matches everything, most school colors include white as the third color, and solid colored shoes in colors other than white tend to draw audience members’ attention away from the uniform and the person wearing it.

But many cheer squads are looking for ways to make their shoes match their uniforms without making too bold a statement.

While cheerleading uniforms and many types of cheerleading apparel are purchased by the school or with squad funds, shoes are more commonly purchased by the cheerleaders themselves because they’re used outside school functions, such as at summer cheer camps and practicing at home. This also gives individual squad members the chance to purchase the best shoes to support their foot type. Footwear is the most important part of any sports uniform because of the support and balance shoes provide to the entire body.

Many leading brands of cheer shoes are now making shoes in both plain white and with accents that are available in a range of colors to match most cheer uniforms. Squad members want to be able to purchase the best brand of shoe for their individual feet while matching with other squad members at the same time, and now that’s an option with so many brands of cheer shoes offering colored accents.

Popular cheer shoe brands such as Adidas, Asics, Chasse, Converse, Kaepa, Nike, Power, Reebok, and Zoe are all manufacturing shoes with different options for colored trim, whether it’s stripes, stars, blocks, or just a simple or subtle trim accent. Prices of cheer shoes are wide ranging, but most can still be purchased for well under $100. Basic white shoes can be purchased for just over ten dollars, while high-performance shoes with colored trim are ranging from $40 to $70 dollars.

Cheer squads can match their shoes to both their uniforms and practice apparel for more squad unity and increased team spirit. Soffe shorts are designed specifically for cheerleaders and come in designs that match both accented shoes and school colors. Like cheer shoes, Soffe shorts are most commonly found in white with colored trim or edging. Soffe shorts are made from lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking materials and are designed with a hidden slit on the sides for maximum range of movement.

While purchasing matching practice clothing isn’t always a necessity, it can help create team unity and give squads more options for creating unique uniforms. At private schools or at schools that represent students from families of varying income levels, matching practice clothing can help squad members bridge the gap by requiring squad members to dress out in team clothing for practice, games, and performances.


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