Mastercooks: apprenticeship with master chefs Filip Claeys (restaurant De Jonkman) and Johan Segers (‘t Stove)

In the new culinary tv-program “Z-Mastercooks’ the best master chefs of our country that the Belgian gastronomy and its ingredients to promote. This week: chefs: Filip Claeys and Johan Segers.

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The Mastercooks or Belgium with the Leuven groentekok Frank Fol as chairman – are the culinary national team of our country, they are the ambassadors of our culinary heritage. Every day they put their talent and skills in to the image of our gastronomy and of our products to maintain a high level, at home and abroad.

In the new ten-part cooking show Z-Mastercooks, a collaboration between the group and the tv station Kaal Z, passing through some of the country’s best chefs will treat the revue, for a with a reporter in his/her case. Then pull the chef for a supplier or producer for a tour and a conversation.

After the part ‘The Expert’, where the business aspect of a restaurant is lit, a different mastercook in the studiokeuken getting started with Belgian products; he presents an innovative contemporary dish with corresponding tips for the viewer.

In this first episode is Filip Claeys of the Bruges restaurant De Jonkman – two Michelin star and 18/20 in Gault/Millau – searched.

Filip Claeys is a keukenfreak and craftsman, who hails from a family of cooks. He was 6.5 years in the kitchen of the Carmelite addition to Geert Van Hecke, and moved to Oud Sluis, where he spent five years sous-chef was. In his own restaurant, The young man indicates he prefer to be only with seasonal vegetables to cook. He is committed to sustainable fishing and to cook with products of the by-catch, such as zwemkrabbetjes, that the fishermen thrown back into the sea, or horse mackerel as an alternative to the overfished bluefin tuna, or pouting, to replace cod.

The chef is the co-founder of NorthSeaChefs. His motto is: go local. Claeys brings a visit to the fish market of Zeebrugge and shows where he has his fish.

In the studio will be cooked by Johan Segers, van ‘t Stove in Antwerp.

Johan Segers is now 66 but still with fun and energy. Gastronomic restaurant ‘t Stove in Antwerp he opened in 1977. Nine years later, his craftsmanship was rewarded with a first Michelin star, an award which he thirty years later, still behind his name. A stunning achievement.

Today he prepares a tasty dish with lemon sole. Watch the video below and the recipe.

RECIPE: lemon sole with porcini mushrooms and baked potatoes

4 tongscharren of each 400 grams

600 grams of porcini mushrooms

4 large potatoes


4 tablespoons of flour

250 grams of butter

3 dl peanut oil

Pepper and salt


1 lemon

1 lookteentje

1 shallot

Chicken broth

Boil 4 large potatoes until tender, let them cool and dry in the fridge.

Do this 1 day in advance.

Method of preparation:

For the broth of porcini mushrooms, stew the shallot and the lookteentje together in some butter. Moisten then with the chicken broth. Allow 15 minutes for cooking. Sieve the eekhoorntjesbouillon and let cook. Spice with pepper and salt, and work it with cold flakes of butter.

Clean the tongscharren of their scales under cold running water. Cut the fish into fillets and pull it through the seasoned flour (with salt and pepper). Heat a glug of groundnut oil and butter and fry the filets of dabsole until golden brown.

Fry the remaining mushrooms in butter in a well-preheated pan. Do the same with the previously cooked potatoes.

Garnish in a deep plate and finish with the slamengeling and nappeer the sauce of ceps around the fish.

The young man, Maalsesteenweg 438 à 8310 Sint-Kruis-Brugge.

‘t Stove, Reyndersstraat 24, 2000 Anvers

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