Massive security preparations for the inauguration, to lyse in the midst of protest threats ‘para’ DC

Dec. 8, 2016: workers build the display stands in front of US President, Donald Trump January is the inauguration in the U.S. Capitol in Washington, USA


The stage is set for President-elect, Donald Trump inauguration, not only the traditional swearing-in platform on Capitol Hill, but a massive security presence in the midst of the protest plans to “shut down” the capital of the nation.

Most of the crowd estimates for Jan. 20 festivals are far behind the record-breaking 1.8 million viewers for President Obama’s historic 2009 inauguration. But the throngs of spectators and demonstrators alike enough transit, safety, and hospitality challenges.

“Safety is my biggest concern,” Missouri GOP Sen. Roy Blunt, the Chairman of the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural ceremonies, recently said. “There’s no question that on the first day, that would be the most attractive destination in the world.”

He suggested that the city could have as many as 750,000 protesters alone.

More than three dozen law enforcement agencies are working together on the safety and security plans, in the expectation, including the Capitol Police, FBI, Secret Service, and the National Guard.

About 7,500 guardsmen from across the country to Washington, came together with about 3,000 police officers from different Federal States, with the help of Secret-Service-leadership in safety.

Essentially, all parties involved are already rehearsing for the big weekend that starts next Friday morning with the swearing-in at the Capitol, West Front, followed by official events, including the traditional parade on Pennsylvania Avenue to the White house and the first balls.

The Joint Task Force-National Capital Region-the 58th presidential inauguration has already had several “table top” sessions, in which the agencies plot strategy on a large-scale, three-dimensional map.

“It is a sample, but in the military we call it a drill,” Navy Cmdr. Jonathan Blyth, the group’s spokesman, said on Wednesday. “We have prepared for this, since the last inauguration. We focus on the protection and veneration of a new commander-in-chief.”

The task force and its Capitol Hill counterpart, is holding a “dress rehearsal” this weekend for the swearing-in of President-criticism of the troops and the parade along the 2.5 km long stretch of Pennsylvania Avenue.

Several protest groups are planning big demonstrations have permits in place and have already decided, organizational meetings, among them the community DisruptJ20.

“We are planning a series of massive, direct action, which will shut down ceremonies hazards, the inauguration and all the associated celebrations,” the group says. “In addition, we plan to paralyze the city.”

The organizers say, you have to aim at all, to use the parade to the balls and the plan to stop blockades and protesters, traffic, public transport and parties.

The group planning small-scale protest Saturday in the city’s McPherson Square, just blocks from the White house, the organizers of grow the hope in the bigger opening weekend of protests.

The group burned American flags this summer at the Democratic and Republican national conventions, and this week, to disrupt the Senate confirmation hearing for Alabama GOP sen Jeff Sessions to Trump the attorney General.

“I wouldn’t want to be with [Trump], but I would tell him, ‘You’re a fascist. Your regime is unlawful.’ And it must not be allowed to take power,” the group, Carl Dix told Fox on Wednesday on Capitol Hill. Dix acknowledged the group to protest is not a Federal or city permit, but still stop the regime wants”.”

The two major groups are allowed a pro-Trump-organization and the ANSWER coalition, the largest anti-war protests during the Bush years, and next weekend has to route a permit for a mass protest at the Freedom Plaza, near the parade.

The other group is for bikers Trump, a familiar presence at last year’s election campaign and visitors in 2016, major-party Convention. The group will allow, shows members at John Marshall Park, in the vicinity of the Canadian Embassy and in the vicinity of the parade route.

The largest protest the following day is expected to-the Women ‘ s March on Washington. The organizers finally received an approval and estimate of 200,000 participants, with celebrities like Amy Schumer and Scarlett Johansson allegedly among them.

Blyth said the big variable in the coming weekend, as usual, is the weather.

Eight inches of snow fell the night before John F. Kennedy’s inauguration in 1961.

“The weather is always the biggest challenge,” Blyth said. “We read the Farmer’s Almanac and always check the forecasts.”

The 58th Presidential Inaugural Committee holds at least two official or “sanctioned” — balls.

Among the other balls in the week the Deplorables Inaugural Ball at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center, and the tribute to heroes Inaugural Ball at the Renaissance hotel in the city centre.

Trump boasted this week that so many people are present at balls and other events, the dress stores are sold out. However, Calypso St. Barts women’s-shop, in Georgetown, said on Wednesday it has many options still available.

“We have said dresses, many beautiful pieces, including some of the cocktail,” store manager Briona Jackson. “We have the items on sale and dresses from our other branches.”

Fox News handle helped Jenkins to this report.

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