Massaprotest against a controversial governor of Puerto Rico

People in Puerto Rico, and onto the street, it was going to be the departure of the governor, Ricardo Rosselló and conditions. It’s going to be an estimated hundreds of thousands of people.

In the forty years of Rosselló under fire since the 13th of July text messages, a chat with top aides uitlekten. It will be under the spotlight, driven by the victims of hurricane Maria, which, in 2017, nearly three thousand people are killed.

There are also homophobic, and vrouwonvriendelijke conclusions. As a result, the Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin mocks because of his sexual orientation. The world-famous musician, the statements should be condemned and is also involved in the actions against the Rosselló.

Martin was at the protest on Monday, an regenboogvlag in and of itself. A large group of people caught on the highway in the Puerto Rican capital of San Juan. On the streets, and posters of the governor have more of a “corrupt dictator” is mentioned.

The island is also struggling with corruption and a recession, which is 44 percent of the population lives in poverty. The politics of it has to do with 120 billion u.s. dollars (about 107 million) in debt and pension liabilities. There is currently an attempt will be made to this system.

The mass demonstration in old San Juan. (Photo: Getty Images)

Rosselló does not want to leave and go

Rosselló, who is in his first term as governor, in spite of continued protests, refused to leave. However, he promised himself, next year, will not be seeking re-election, to propose and he asked his people for forgiveness.

Puerto Rico is not officially a state of the United States of america, it is american-controlled. The President, Donald Trump has indicated that he will Rosselló was a “lousy governor,” can be found.


‘Haatappjes’ the governor, are, drop to the protesters, and Puerto Rico


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