Mashed potato with gravy: Why do we want this not beautiful weather?

A big plate of mashed potato with gravy and sausage: who should even think about it when the sun shines? The heavy meals disappear gradually into the background. Why do we eat lighter meals as the sun will shine?

In the winter mash pots and other heavy dishes of food for a large part intuitive, says nutritionist Yvet Noordermeer. “We associate pea soup with winter and we find that is not comfortable in the summer. Also, people in the winter a bit more sense in warmer food, no cold drinks and salads.”

“It is even mentally cheating”, fill gezondheidscoach and nutritionist Fleur Carter. “We want to be in the winter, something compacts, something to fill up the stomach and to chew on. Such as meat or something else heavy.”

But heavy meals is not at all based on our feeling. Carter: “Your body has a greater need for energy in the winter. It has to work harder to stay warm. This also makes sense in more robust meals. In the summer your body temperature is better regulated.”

In addition, people are often tired in the winter, because they are less exposed to daylight, says Carter. “When you’re tired and cold, grab your more to what casseroles, stews, meat and sugar. The shops and magazines play in products for making stews and stews (mash pots) in the front.”

“We no longer work on the land.”

But we have less heavy cost is required than in the past, says Noordermeer. “In the past we had no heating and people did more and heavier physical work, for example on the country. Now consume we generally have fewer calories. But that is, of course, also personally, what eating habits always is. Everyone has different tastes and needs.”

If you like nature and follows the seasons, you will never be disappointed, says Noordermeer. “The crops die in the winter, grow, have precisely the nutrients that our body needs. As well, there must first be the ruler over it before it is nice.”

“The crops die in the winter, grow, have precisely the nutrients that our body needs.”
Yvet Noordermeer

Tomatoes come in contrast from the greenhouse in the winter and tastes less well, as well as salad, ” she continues. “Therefore, it is logical that we have these dishes in the summer, more to be eaten. Take strawberries, in the winter, they taste much less. In the summer they grow as it should, outside, in the good earth.”

Variety is important

That we, as the warmer is less likely to mash grab, is also located on our behavior. “As soon as the sun is going to shine, we also go more to the outside and sports we have,” says Carter. “That is also a reason to be less fast for a heavy meal. In the summer, also more on weight and carbohydrates given. That also plays a role in the lighter meal options.”

Light or heavy, summer or winter, the one is not necessarily better than the other, ” she continues. “Variety remains the most important. In place of pasta salads you can also do a stew in the summer to eat, for example, with seasonal vegetables.”

Noordermeer find it a bit nonsense to lighter food in the summer to a slimmer body. “If you just eat healthy, you’ll really not. Not kale or pea soup. Put in your diet focused on vegetables, fruit and herbs, then you’re always good.”

These are according to the nutrition experts of good things in the spring to eat:

  • Seasonal vegetables: turnips, celeriac, white cabbage and lettuce
  • Forgotten fruits: black radish, parsnip
  • Beans and lentils
  • Grains such as quinoa and couscous
  • Radishes, roots
  • Products from the nature that have now come up and you can pick, such as stinging nettle, bear’s garlic, ground ivy and plantain


  • You’ll get the chills of stew when the sun shines? Or do you eat heavy dishes all the year around? Leave a comment under this article.

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