Maryland Dems New York, Illinois, follow, in the efforts to limit youth-tackle-football

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Youth football associated with serious brain and behavioral problems

A new study from the Boston University School of Medicine shows that children playing tackle football before they can lead to the age of 12 years, long-term neurological problems

Maryland lawmakers consider limiting a measure that would allow the state-not the parents or guardians–, the children are playing tackle football and other contact sports until high school.

The measure, similar to the efforts in two States with democratically-controlled legislature, would ban children to play tackle football and other contact sports in publicly funded areas, or locations to reach the high school.

It would limit the “Header” in soccer and in lacrosse and ice hockey, according to The Baltimore Sun.

Similar bills New York, and Illinois legislators, in an effort to protect the development of the brain and limit concussions

The Maryland bill was introduced, the Democratic delegates, Terri Hill, a surgeon, who said that her proposed legislation is based on information suggesting that the youth hockey, lacrosse, soccer and football are the highest risk sports for the development of the brain, because of the danger of repetitive head trauma.

Hill’s legislation, which is already with the opposition on a number of fronts-including the youth League of the organizers suggesting potential government overwhelmed.

“In fact, the entire sport ban is a bit ridiculous,” said Michael Melvin, who leads a 200-players-youth in a suburb of Baltimore, the newspaper said. “The game has never been safer for the youth as far as the equipment we have.”

In Addition, State Sen., William C. Smith-Jr., Montgomery County Democrat, has reportedly decided against sponsoring the companion legislation in his chamber, which the House version is “overly broad.”

Maryland Republican Gov. Larry Hogan could not comment on reached Saturday to be, whether he is of the opinion that signing such legislation into law.

Youth leagues around the country have taken steps to make contact sports safer, which includes putting limitations on contact in football and football headers the technique in which the players place their forehead instead of their feet to pass or shoot at airborne balls. Football and lacrosse helmets have been developed in the last years, a better protection of the breast.

Hill’s draft of the measure would also require Marylanders who want to 14 years of age and older who play contact sports, take a class, such as investment risks, in order to get concussions and other brain injuries. She argues that neither the Illinois or New York-the bills have an educational component.

Although Hill is behind you right now has at least 10 co-sponsors, told The sun on Friday that they are receptive to input from both sides.

“I remain open to listening to the opinions of people,” she said. “That is the debate, and that is part of the process.”

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