‘Martinez was the goalscorer in Lukaku wake up’

A viscous grass, a balmy evening, the stress of the first match and a lack of space: these are all reasons why the biggest world cup victory since the 3-0 against El Salvador in 1970 and still a lot more difficult to came than the score suggests.


So, the first points within. The victory against an opponent that at this level, made his debut, and no player in the big five leagues, was expected and happened. A great score also, the 3-0 equals the profit of the Belgians in 1970 in Mexico. The course that Roberto Martinez with the Belgians travels stays that way phenomenal. In the qualifiers, a draw and nine times earnings, and a recordscore in the figures, and now a solid entry into the tournament. The pluskant: two goals from Lukaku, a strong performance from Dembélé, and one for you to say of Courtois. And the tactical flexibility that Martinez has always wanted and aspired to. Flexibility, with the same eleven two, three different tactical line-ups can be performed within one game, there was the past months of hard working. With fruit, obviously, through the back with four to play, and the society Dembélé in the slide, gave the Belgians more space and grip. Also because of the opponent-their coach had always been feared – physically after an hour or so, the basket began to fall. The difference on paper or not just, not even with much corazon and the support of rabid fans.

And yet there was also a but-side of the whole story. It was often not good. The set pieces seemed nowhere, and the ball of the questions in the space did not, in the absence of freedom. With ‘thank you’ to the opponent, which in a space of 30 metres with ten man Belgians write. Ten against seven, how much quality the Red Devils have, then every team is difficult. It led to a frustrating first half. Everyone has a lot to Mourinho looked, or to Real. To Santos and Portugal. The 3-4-3 of Chile and Bielsa, the 3-4-3 of Guardiola, there are still few teams who are here to return. Martinez is doing the happy, but also not an entire game. Curious how he will evolve. In the group stage remains the one and the other may be still retained, but further…

The other, but it was the physical freshness at the Devils, who are a little nervous spoke after the good start, too many difficult things were going to try, and that, on the large field that Sochi is, seemed to suffer under the Caribbean conditions that the Panamanians clearly much better. Large field, and rough grass, two hours before the race and then sprayed, not more, unless short, after the warming. Grass that is slightly too long, there was also, strangely, we found that one hour after the match the lawn mowers came into action. It was better this afternoon happened. In Moscow it is fresher, may have to change that Saturday, the circumstances, against Tunisia.

Tactically, they are grown, and eventually gave up quality still counts. The individual inspiration of Mertens, one of De Bruyne, the doelpunteninstinct of Lukaku… Martinez delivered Hazard and De Bruyne, although its action on the goal of Lukaku or food to those who are to him like a row of higher want to see play, but most of all: Martinez was the goalscorer in Lukaku woke up. That quality he has always had, the serious also, but in the shirt of the national team is Romelu no longer keep, for two years. In 19 international matches under Martinez 21 goals already.

His two goals against Panama should come as no surprise.

Football world cup 2018 in Russia

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