Martine Bijl according to husband ‘cheerful’ after depression

Martine Bijl according to husband ‘cheerful’ after depression

It is now better with Martine Bijl, after it has been treated for depression. That tells her husband Berend Boudewijn of the Dutch Volkskrant Magazine.

“If they would walk, you would be nothing more to see her, they will find themselves that they are less talking than before,” says the 81-year-old Baldwin. “She is a little bit tired more quickly, that is actually the only. It is a long process, from hospitals to rehabilitation centres.”

The theatre – and television producer tells that Axe a few months ago suffering from the skin disease shingles. “She has, by that shingles, a period of deep depression. They stayed for a while in a clinic, but she comes this afternoon in a good mood to go home.”


On september 15, 2015 was the Axe, struck by a cerebral hemorrhage. “Martine did a few calisthenics. (…) I heard a thud and when she lay next to the chair. Well, 112 is called. She was the house uitgetakeld by the fire brigade, because they had horizontal stay, she said: ‘all of Holland drops”, says Boudewijn.

Thanks a lot of discipline is the Whole Holland Bakes-presenter recovered after her stroke. “They had to re-learn what a fork and a spoon was and what those things are for, and now makes them on Sunday morning is a delicious breakfast. They will run stairs, rides car, does the shopping.”

Or Axe to return in the program is still uncertain. “Martine is progressing steadily. But maybe they will find the next year a passed station.”

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