Martin Scorsese doesn’t know whether he is in The Local have more and more movies are going to make it

Martin Scorsese, whose new film in The Local recently premiered, is gone, unsure of whether he wants to go to the movies. The 77-year-old director to think about the type of film he is making in the current media landscape as space is limited.

In the interview with The Guardian is telling Friends that he is aware that the uk is overrun by example, creating an “other kinds of movies,” according to his opinion, no chance to get it.

“If there are twelve rooms, at the same time, eleven of them in a superheldenfilm turned,” said Scorsese, who, the Marvel films have previously been “not cinema” to it. “It is not good for movies that might not be very commercial, but to be sincere, and modest, and simply to appeal to a broad audience.”

Therefore, it is questionable that the director has more films will be made. “Maybe this is it. The last one”, he means The Local.

Friends to think that his previous smashes such, The Aviator, and Shutter Island today, it is not made by us. “Not with me, and Leonardo DiCaprio (lead actor in both films, ed.). it.”

The Local are the key roles played by Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, and Joe Pesci. The film was released on the 14th of november in a number of movie theaters, and it was on the 27th of november, the international on Netflix to be released.

In the seven-day period, the film is a 26-million Netflix accounts have viewed it. The Local is in one of five categories to be nominated for a Golden Globe, including best director.

143Bekijk here, the role of The Local

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