Martin Garrix will find themselves less naive become

Martin Garrix will find themselves less naive become

Martin Garrix leads to his own words, ” a bizarre life. Yet it is and remains largely the boy he was before he became famous.

That he has for a large part due to his surroundings, so he says in an interview with Trouw.

“I have a small but attaches a group of friends, and that I take as often as possible on my tours,” says Garrix. “I want my absurd experiences to share with them, and also with my parents and sister.” The dj confesses that he private the most money spend on the flown of his friends and family.

But he needs them to stay sober. Sometimes begins his life of luxury as a normal to feel. “In those moments, my friends and family to me very quickly with both feet on the ground.”

Still, he was not under a private jet. “To have such a thing, I could at a given moment, not more. That 130 shows per year I must be able to pick it up.”


Garrix admits to himself often as “a sort of nursery from 21” to feel. However, he is mature. “More serious, less naive. That is logical, and was also necessary.” That change came under more by the lawsuit against his longtime record label Spinnin’ Records. He was too eager with to sign a contract and feel now by the label cheated.

Nowadays he has his own label and he does what he wants. “Actually, I wanted to fool around with numbers, other musical styles to browse. But that could not be, because I by others in a certain box was pushed.” But now that is different. Now does the dj what he wants to. “So I go through until I no longer can.”

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