Martien Meiland should include the name of the chateau to change after it lost a court case

Martien Meiland and his wife, Erica, have the name of the building in which the bed and breakfast is located needs to be changed. The French logeerplaats bore the name of the previous owner’s account, but insisted that his name not be used for commercial purposes.

The family, Meiland, which is currently being used in the SBS reality tv series, the Chateau, Meiland, was the Chateau, Mariaux, as a name for their castle to be chosen. This is for the last name of the previous owner.

The former owner made an objection, and the court last week ruled that the family had a different name to use for the bed-and-breakfast.

Martien Meiland was the previous name “a tribute to the previous occupant”. “We have to get even with each other around the table and sat down with the mayor, who would act as a mediator. But, no, it’s not a smile, or a sympathetic gesture, there was the man,” he said to The guardian.

His wife, Erica, came up with the idea of the castle in the name of Marillaux to give up. “The two-letter L, pronounced as a Y. So it is just the same pronunciation, just think of the French word bouteille. Is it not to laugh?”

The second series of the reality tv series coming on

This past weekend was Meiland announced that they have signed a contract for a second series, that of the Chateau, Meiland.

Meiland and his wife, Sam Renkema and his daughter, Maxime, and Montana left in 2006 to go to France to find a bed-and-breakfast is set up. The family became a part of the VINE program, and I am going to followed, but he returned because of homesickness and, after two years, returned to the Netherlands. Later, the family will have a new engine.

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