Mark Zuckerberg shows new handschoenbesturing for Oculus glasses

Mark Zuckerberg shows new handschoenbesturing for Oculus glasses

Facebook-founder Mark Zuckerberg has photos shared of his visit to the virtual reality company Oculus. On one of the photos he wears special gloves that work with the virtual reality glasses of Oculus.

Zuckerberg shared the photos on his Facebook page.

In the photo of the gloves he writes: “We are working on new ways to get your hands in virtual and augmented reality to integrate. If you wearing gloves, you can draw, type on a virtual keyboard and even a web shoot as Spider-Man.”

The gloves of Oculus are not yet officially announced. The photo and text of Zuckerberg are the first mention of the product. Oculus released at the end of last year, however, special motion-sensing controllers for its virtual reality glasses, Oculus Touch called.

There are already other similar virtual reality gloves in development, such as the Dutch “Manus” VR. This glove is all by American ruimteorganisatie NASA deployed astronauts on earth to prepare for their time in the space.

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