Mark Kelly hopes that Florida high school students’ calls to move to gun violence Congress

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Mark Kelly on gun control efforts

The retired NASA astronaut has been a leader in the field of prevention of gun violence after his wife Gabby Giffords was seriously injured by a deranged shooter in the year 2011.

Retired astronaut and gun-control activist Mark Kelly, on Sunday, urged the Congress to the Problem of gun violence, say survivors of the last Florida high-school massacre call for a national day or awareness should be a wake-up call on Capitol Hill.

“These kids are incredibly articulate. And some members of Congress are not a good listener. To have high school kids calling for change, it should not matter. And I hope that, in the society, make a difference,” Kelly said on “Fox News Sunday” minutes after five students from Florida Stoneman Douglas High School, said about the show that you can organize to try to country-wide demonstrations for March 24.

“This is a political question,” he said. “We need to have a voice.”

Kelly has called a gun owner but to change the law to prevent laws and stop gun violence in America. He is married to former Arizona Democratic Republic of Gabby Gifford, who survives, January 3, 2007, assassination, injury to the brain.

In the Parkland, Fla., Shoot Wednesday, the FBI acknowledged that the Agency had received tips about the alleged gunman, however, that no follow-up occurred. Seventeen people, including 14 students, were killed in the attack.

Kelly said that Florida law enforcement has very little tools to prevent such shootings, but some States have in fact “instrumental” in the case of subsequent changes.

“There is a short and abbreviated process, take away the gun, if you warnings of the authorities, that an individual could be a threat,” he said. “The myth that you can’t stop, it’s not true.”

Kelly didn’t appear to have a clear position on whether or not assault weapons, such as the shooting in Florida, are the real problem.

“Most of the murders, self-murders are committed with handguns,” he said. “But to kill if a Person goes into a school or to another place with the intention that you can kill a lot of people a lot faster.”

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