Maria Goos is uncertainty after divorce, Peter Block fine

Maria Goos is uncertainty after divorce, Peter Block fine

Photo: Hollandse Hoogte

Maria Goos is pleased that things are now not so sure as during her marriage with Peter Block. The televisiemaakster worked a lot together with her ex-husband, but when it turned out that he had an affair with Tjitske Reidinga, she had to look for another mate, and they came out that that is not so bad.

In conversation with AD tells Goos that they Block a lot of security from each other, shrugged. “I found a lot of support from his rationality, and he is my emotional approach. Now, I think we of that security is not much more fun. We were successful, everything went well, we did everything together. Now I know it all not so sure, and that’s great! As a liberation.”

To admit that her divorce besides much sadness also something positive has brought the writer difficult. “As if my own marriage betrayal. It gave me also a lot. It was a tophuwelijk! So I am very careful.”

Goos, operated, say from safety, because they knew that Block the same taste and humor like they do. Now she has for the series La Famiglia collaborated with the 25-year-old Lucio Messecola, something she during her marriage, had not done. “I am now very easy to in making contacts and being open to ideas of others.”

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