Marco Rubio calls for MLB to deal with Cuba is ‘a travesty’ that must be ‘repealed’

U.S. sen Marco Rubio, R-Fla., says a recent agreement between Major League Baseball and Cuba, is a “farce” that would allow to impose the Cuban government, a new tax on the player ” result.

Like a catcher guarding home plate, US Sen. Marco Rubio is not intended in this week denounced a recent agreement between Major League Baseball, its players union and the Cuban Baseball Federation, in order to make it easier for Cuban players to play in the big leagues, without any lack.

In a series of tweets on Thursday, the Republican Florida, the deal struck as a “farce” and said he would try to stop him.

Rubio questioned the legality of the agreement– which was announced. Dec. 19 — and the question of whether Cuba’s baseball federation is truly independent of the government of the country, the Miami Herald reported.


“The legality of the recent agreement between MLB & the Cuban Baseball Federation is based on Obama’s judgment that the Federation is not under the control of the Cuban government. This is not only factually incorrect, it is a farce, and I’m working to get it to be overruled as soon as possible,” he tweeted.

MLB officials said they had spoken with trump administration, and there was no indication that the deal was legal, according to the Herald. The Treasury Department in the year 2016, the Obama administration determined the FCB is not part of the Cuban government.

The former President Barack Obama visited Cuba in the year 2016, on the search, start a new relationship with the Land, which for decades was led by the late Fidel Castro. The visit, which drew criticism from U.S. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle-as well as some of this year’s presidential contenders, including Donald Trump — including an Obama appearance at an exhibition baseball game in Havana between MLB – Tampa Bay Rays and the Cuban national team.

Rubio, a Cuban-American, was a staunch critic of the Castro regime, to the former Cuban leader’s death in November 2016, said MLB would allow it to impose the Cuban government, a new tax on the player ” result.

“Under this agreement: – the Cuban government controls Baseball Federation will receive 20% of the total value of all MLB contract by a Cuban player and wrote;” Rubio. “The regime, a new income will impose a tax on the players win, even if the revenue earned by playing in the USA”.

In a follow-up tweet, Rubio article, the President of Trump to a standstill on the matter refers to a “National Review”.

The article was written by Elliott Abrams, who served in the administrations of former presidents Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush.

“The deal premiums and immortalized by Cuba’s Communist-style system, in which the players are the property of the state, not free people who can sell their talents, writes on the free market,” Abrams.

“The [MLB] rewards offer, and Cuba, immortalized Communist-style system, in which the players are the property of the state, not free people who can sell their talents on the free market.”

— Elliott Abrams, a former diplomat Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush administration

The MLB says its proposed three-year contract with Cuba should be taken to limit the often dangerous sea, which are arranged by renegade, of tractors.

“To know that the next generation of Cuban baseball players will not stand it, the unimaginable fate of the last Cuban players to the realization of an impossible dream for us all,” Chicago White Sox first baseman Jose Abreu said in an MLB statement. “Dealing with the exploitation by smugglers and unscrupulous agencies will finally come to an end for the Cuban baseball players. At this time, I am yet to be harassed.”


The agreement would allow Cuban players to sign up with North American teams reported under similar rules, with Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

“We believe that this agreement leads to that goal, and it is the next generation of Cuban players to pursue their dream, without enduring many of the hardships experienced by current and former Cuban players that have played Major League Baseball,” MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred said in a press release announcing the agreement.

Under the terms of the agreement, Cuban players 25 years or older with at least six years of professional experience in the country entitled, for their release from the Cuban Baseball Federation agreement, and could the United States as a free agent and sign with any team.


Younger amateur players could also be triggered by the FCB. The earliest professional players would be in the contracts with the MLB team, November, 2019. Amateur players can do so at the beginning of 2. July 2019.

Clubs that would pay to sign a Cuban player, a one-time release fee to the Federation between 15 to 20 percent of the contract. The fee would be in addition to the contract, so that if a player signs for $1 million, would that money goes to the players and to pay an additional $150,000 to $200,000 would be the same as the release fee, according to the Herald.

The agreement runs until Oct. 31, 2121.

Los Angeles Dodgers batter Yasiel Puig (66) has a three-run home run during the sixth inning of game 7 of the National League Championship Series against the Milwaukee Brewers in Milwaukee, in October 2018 Puig, a native of Cuba, has since traded to the Cincinnati Reds. (Associated Press)

Cuban players are currently excluded from bargaining as a free agent while in Cuba. Some have to risk a lot of progress in the main subjects, according to their lives to defect.

Cincinnati Reds right fielder Yasiel Puig was the breakout star of the Los Angeles Dodgers in the last few years. He Cuba, with the aid of smugglers.

Other players will be forced to defect to reach MLB Star Orlando “El Duque” Hernandez and his brother Livan Hernandez in the 1990s, and Mets fielder Yoenis Cespedes left.

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