Marco Marchi, Liu Jo: “Belgian women love our Italian flair”

In 2019 does Liu Jo introduced at the Milan stock exchange. A clear image is even more important. ‘Liu Jo dresses confident, glamorous types.’

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There are nine different lines, that’s not what a lot of the focus image?

Autumn-winter 2018, Black Label.

Marco Marchi: “No, the different collections to create just clarity. We want to be a loyal friend for versatile women. They dress themselves differently depending on the occasion, but always in Liu Jo. They choose for example Black Label for more formal moments, Gold Label, for a party, and Blue Denim for the weekend.’

The Belgian market is very important for you. How do you explain the success?

Marchi: ‘Belgium is indeed a separate island within Western Europe. Belgians combine their strong fashion sense happy with romantic and feminine details, happen to have two properties, Liu Jo. They keep clear of our Italian flair.’

Autumn-winter 2018, Blue Denim.

What is the biggest change in the fashion world the past few years?

Marchi: ‘That is, without a doubt, the whole digital revolution. Thanks to the internet there is a lot of innigere band and even dialogue with our customers arise. Because of this, we can make our collections much better tune in to what they want. At the same time, competition increased substantially and you should the label be very clear about what you stand for. Therefore, we have the past few months, the image of Liu Jo under the microscope.’

And where do you stand for?

Marchi: ‘Liu Jo dresses confident types, who love feminine, glamorous clothing with fun details. Streetwear and androgynous fashion are not devoted to her.’

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