Marco, He had a relationship with the pianist Iris Hond

Marco Borsato (52) ten years ago, in a relationship with Iris, a Dog (32), confirms that the singer Thursday on social media, as a result of media coverage of Private life.

Who is, by the Iris Dog.

  • The dog will come out of this pleasant village and then moved on to fourteen years of age, to The Hague at the Royal Conservatory of music to study. Later on, she moved a few years ago, the United States of america, where she worked with the bottom, and others, and Patrick Leonard. He produced her new album, Dear World, and has brought her in contact with Leonard Cohen. Also, she got an invitation from a Prince to go with him in the future. The lead singer died, however, before the concert was to take place. A dog can be seen in the Net5 program, the Iris, and the 12 dates for which they are in search of true love.

“We are Marco and Leontine Borsato, ed.). have never had any under the table banks are stung by the bankruptcy of He’s managementbedrijf will BE red.) at that time, not only in business, but also a heavy burden to our seats. At that time, was already some ten years ago, it was a friendship that went beyond what I had anticipated. In this situation, however, was of short duration,” says the singer on Instagram.

A private writes on Thursday, on the basis of the sources about the relationship of He and the Dog, who, in 2009, would be a start. While these sources say that the affair was only ended, to endorse He and a Dog in separate statements to the effect that this was not the case at all.

With a photo of himself and his wife, writes He, that it is set to “each other and sometimes it might have been”. “Fortunately, we are never truly lost. The realization of how much we love each other and take a critical look at ourselves to see us, after a marriage of 22 years is stronger than ever.”

In the Instagram message, by Marco Borsato.

A dog, and He found it easy to talk to each other

The dog, which is currently the main character in a tv dating show, Iris, and the 12-leads, on Net5, said in a comment in Private that she was able to talk with the Newcomer. “A special relationship, such as it is between two people, it can occur at any point in your life.”

The manager, Victoria is a Sculpture, stresses the opposite that is the tragedy of ten years ago, and has been with the chapter for the by this statement, has been completed.

He has, since 1997, is married to Newcomer Riders. Together they have three children together: Luca (20), Senna (18) and Jada (16). In his statement, that he, along with his wife, he asks the singer to, as much as possible to rest. “We do, however, see this as a privékwestie you would like to view our privacy and that of our children, this will be respected.”


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