Marcel Musters see colleague Linda de Mol as a ‘family member for many viewers

Marcel Musters see colleague Linda de Mol as a ‘family member for many viewers

Series with Linda de Mol, according to her Family Kruys-colleague Marcel Musters are so popular because they after thirty years of television ‘if a family member feels’.

According to the 57-year-old actor is the actress and presenter guarantees for the success. The series Family Kruys, which is Friday the third season in Videoland starts, is partly why it is so popular.

The actor thinks that people not only like to go to series with The Mol to watch them because they are “lot of talent”. “But also because they are already so long on television and therefore the family feels.”

“Additionally, she has a large antenna of what people like.” Family Kruys is a Dutch drama-comedy series, created by Linda de Mol, who also played the leading role Bette Kruys performed. Marcel Musters plays Johan Smit, who at the end of the last season Bette to marry early.

Musters think that this series of the Mole works well because people in it can recognize. “Each character has good intentions but that does not always work out well. That makes it human.”

Musters expected that the new season is still a sequel. “There are still enough stories.”

Documentary project

Itself he focuses in the meantime on other things that he would like to do, such as a documentary project about the LBGT community in South-east Asia where he currently is doing

Also he would like to have more travel. “My free time was always draped to my work, that I now want to I 57 am once the other way around.” But if there is a new season of Family Kruys, Musters like to participate again.

It speaks to the actor that he can work with a team that he already know so well. In addition, he finds the character of Johan is fun to play “because he has a good heart, but that things will also fail. I recognize myself that sense of the mean well and that there is still everything goes wrong.”

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