Many thousands of people to the Philippine coast evacuated for typhoon Nina

Many thousands of people to the Philippine coast evacuated for typhoon Nina

Photo: AFP

The Philippine authorities have thousands of residents on the coast were evacuated because of the approaching typhoon Nina. Tens of thousands of others have from their own initiative, to leave home.

The tropical storm of the fourth category achieved is expected to be Sunday night the east coast of the country and attracts than to the west coast. Also the capital Manila is likely to suffer from Nina.

The arrival of the typhoon will be accompanied by fierce storm and huge waves. The storm reached expected speeds of between 200 and 250 kilometers per hour.

In nine coastal provinces, the government has the highest typhoon alert is issued. Thousands of tourists can probably Sunday, not as many flights as a precaution, be deleted. They are stranded in the terminals of a number of large airports.

ANWB Emergency centre

Also boats are allowed, for now, the port does not want to leave. The ministries of energy and transport have a plan ready for the possible consequences of the typhoon. Soldiers and agents are ready to clear debris from major roads.

The ANWB Emergency centre had on Sunday at 14.00 still no reports of Dutch people receive left stranded, reports a spokesperson. “There are anyway not many Dutch people, it is not really a popular holiday destination,” added he added.

Typhoon Philippines

Residents of Santa Domingo (west coast of Philippines) to be evacuated because of typhoon Nina. News agency AFP writes that women, children, the elderly and the sick in military vehicles to safer areas.

Also in the province, Colonel (west coast) people are brought to safety.

Inhabitants of Santo Domingo, located in the province of Ilocos Su, are trapped in an elementary school.

Fishermen convert their boats fixed because of the approaching typhoon.

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Storm Haiyan

The Philippines have had bad experiences with typhoons. In 2013, it took Haiyan, more than six thousand people’s lives; more than 200,000 homes were destroyed. This was the strongest storm that ever about the country swept.

December is always a month in which typhoons often strike. Since 1948 the country was certainly seven times hit by a tropical storm during the christmas season.

What is the difference between a hurricane, typhoon and a cyclone?

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