Many schildklierpatiënten experienced complaints after medicijnoverstap

Many schildklierpatiënten experienced complaints after medicijnoverstap

The 350,000 schildklierpatiënten that the past year forced to have had to switch from the drug Thyrax for medications from other producers, would be likely to overdose. This can lead to health problems.

That makes the Thyroid Organization the Netherlands, who investigated the consequences of this move.

Especially patients per day more than 100 mcg of the active ingredient levothyroxine swallowing, have an increased risk of overdose. 53 percent of them sees the blood levels after the switch from normal to non-normal shift.

“That is big and can lead to health problems,” says prof. Fliers, endocrinologist and chairman of the consultative group that the studies guided. 30 percent of the patients experienced twelve weeks after the switch more complaints than before. A quarter of the patients had less complaints. The number of patients that (temporarily) ill had to report increased from 5 percent to 11 percent.

These results confirm the necessity of control of the blood six weeks after the switch. It is advised to patients who have a high dosage Thyrax (100 mcg or more) at a transition to a lower dosage.


Patients and Thyroid Organization of the Netherlands (SON) made for themselves, in advance, worries about the consequences for the health of the migrators. Rightly, it is apparent from the results of the research. “We thought in advance: it is likely. But we now see that it’s not easy,” says endocrinologist Fliers.

In a letter to the Second Chamber emphasises the Organisation together with eight other patient organisations that patients not be forced to switch to an alternative drug.

The College, for the Evaluation of Medicinal products (CBG) made at the end of march announced that the Thyrax tablets in the short term. Medicijnfabrikant Aspen Frama Trading moved the production last year of Oss to Germany.

Hundreds of thousands of schildklierpatiënten came as a result without pills and had to be forced to switch to other resources. The step of the medicijnfabrikant caused a storm of indignation. The production stop of Aspen, led to a schadepost of millions of patients and insurers

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