Many of the species of the eggs in the grocery store: How to beast it on the price, are they?

In the Netherlands there are a lot of different types of eggs are available: free-range eggs, free-uitloopeieren, maïseieren, whole eggs, and organic eggs. Before you make a decision, it’s a good idea to know some of the stars of the beter leven quality mark mean. John Dorland, the animal Protection society, explains what the animal is on a nice variety of eggs in it.

“The diervriendelijkste eggs contribute to the Better Life hallmark with one -, two -, or three-star,” says Dorland. The seal of approval, it was ten years ago, the Society has been created.

Today, it is the fact that the majority of the eggs in the grocery store with a free range egg. “But,” says Dorland, “free-range eggs do not have a star, you are actually schuureieren. These chickens can’t even go outside. In short, it is an egg, it is just a bad egg. More and more farmers are steps to be happy with it one star. “

One -, two -, and three-star rating

In the eggs, one star is the chicken in a covered outdoor area, with two of the stars of a free-range. Organic eggs and get three stars. The chickens who lay eggs, and have a lot of space, and an outlet to the outside. There are also a number of eggs, which is not organic, but the three-star rating from the Society, because of the high level of animal welfare. This is the rondeel eggs (Albert Heijn), in the free-uitloopeieren of HIS local produce (PLUS) and the Kipster eggs and (Break).

The name of the egg, in the egg, such as maïseieren, wheat, eggs, and viergraneneieren doesn’t say on the conditions under which the chickens live. Here, too, the rules of the label.

The color of an egg doesn’t say anything about the label, the code on the egg is. (Image: 123RF)

Cage eggs are now banned

Cage eggs, which is also known as the legbatterij eggs as of 2012, banned in the Netherlands. Eighteen hens per square meter had the hens in a kooisysteem very little room to move. Enriched cages, with a 12.5-kip) per square foot, perches, litter and nests, are up to 2021 is allowed. After that, no more.

“The color of an egg, said today, nothing about the system in which the animals are to be kept.”
Niels Dorland, Of The Society

Cage eggs, and enriched cage eggs are no longer on sale at the grocery store. They are yet to be incorporated into products such as cake, pie, or mayonnaise. “More and more of these products in the shelf are to be made with free-range eggs, and wear also, the a Better Life quality mark,” says Dorland.

A lot of people think that the white of the eggs from the cages to come. “This used to be true,” explained Verduyn from it. “The color of an egg, said today, nothing at all about the system in which the animals are to be kept. The color of the egg that a chicken lays, you can get crazy enough, look at the ears. Chickens with white ear lobes lay white eggs and chickens with red ear lobes and brown eggs.”

The code of the egg has a deeper meaning

In each egg is a unique code. This is the code it says anything at all about the well-being of the birds, the lower the number, the code starts, the better for the well-being of the birds.

So, you can read the codes on the eggs

  • Organic eggs: eicode start with the number 0
  • Free uitloopeieren or graseieren: eicode start with the number 1
  • Free-range eggs: eicode will begin with the number 2
  • Cage eggs: eicode starts with the number 3

For those who are absolutely no eggs (any longer) want to eat, they have to be replaced for a variety of products in many local dishes. Wake up the Animal, tap: in the sweet food can be mashed banana or apple sauce as a binding or thickening agent used. Ground flax seed, and baking powder as leavening agent. For a cake, let it shine with apricot jam, or sugar water, and it is in savory dishes, you can taste an egg to replicate it with tofu and kala namak, a black salt, which by the sulfur taste of the egg.

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