“Many more deaths than was previously thought in Iran’s protests: a 1,500 victims

Sources within the Iranian government, saying that there has been, since the outbreak of protests in november and within two weeks, one thousand five hundred deaths in the Iran case. It is also proposed that the resources that grootayatollah Ali Khamenei gave the order “to do what is necessary” in order for the protests to an end.

The sources said the number was much higher than originally thought. This month, the death toll released by Amnesty International in at least 304 is made. The U.s. government believes that many of the hundreds of victims goes on.

A long time it was unclear how many people were killed in Iran, because of the internet, the government has been suspended. On november 15, broke into the country’s protests. This is what happened after the government has all of a sudden the price of fuel was raised. Many of the poorer residents were in financial trouble. A few days later, there’s a message about ordetroepen that focus on the money shots. Seven thousand people would be arrested in it.

Among the dead, according to Reuters, at least seventeen children and four hundred women, as well as the members of the security forces and the ordetroepen. The information comes from two sources in the ministry of the Interior, and it is based on data from morgues, hospitals, clinics, uitvaartcentra, and the intelligence community.

Markets gave the security services carte blanche to

The supreme religious leader of Iran, grootayatollah Ali Khamenei, gave the order “to do what is necessary” in order for the protests to end, saying that the three sources have told Reuters. The story, which is confirmed by the fourth official.

On the 17th of november, on the second day of the protests, called on Khamenei’s high officials gathered for a night of noodoverleg.

On that day, the protest itself, to the hundred cities, and a political character. The protesters in the capital, Tehran burned portraits of Khamenei and called for the abolition of the Islamic Republic.

The eighty-Khamenei would, that night, in the discussions of the commission in order to put an end to the protests, to make.

A day later, shots are fired ordetroepen need

The day after the alleged orders of Khamenei gunfire of security forces arbitrarily and without warrants, with the focus on the protesters. There have been published reports about extrajudicial killings and the firing from rooftops and helicopters.

The high death toll, it would mean that this would be one of the very performances against the Iranian people since the Islamic Revolution in 1979. Hundreds of people were at that time in order to, if there is still a debate on how many victims there are just some cases.

Grootayatollah Ali Khamenei is holding a speech in Tehran (Photo: Reuters).

A great deal of violence as well

For Iran, it is against the protestors used violence, unheard of hard. In 2009, for example, about seventy people to join the protests. The protesters were demonstrating as against the re-election of president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

When demonstrators in 2017 and 2018 shall be set forth in the street, went in, this time due to the poor current economy, fell to approximately twenty fatalities.

Iran, struggling with sanctions, and the economy

Iran is struggling with a high inflation rate and high unemployment rate, but has little room to maneuver, because the international community has imposed sanctions.

The unemployment rate in Iran is 12.5 per cent. Among the millions of young people in Iran, the share of the unemployed is twice as high. They have to be in the earlier demonstration, the establishment has been accused of economic mismanagement and corruption in the country.

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