“Many autismegevallen be explained by lack of specific protein’

“Many autismegevallen be explained by lack of specific protein’

A third of the autismegevallen may be explained by a missing protein in the brain. This discovery can, according to researchers lead to new treatment methods.

Autism is usually a spectrum of behavioral disorders referred to, and on the causes of the different forms is unclear. 1 to 2 percent of the people suffering from it.

Researchers from the University of Toronto seem to think they know how in any case a part of the cases can be explained, reports Medical News Today. In the brain would be the protein nSR100 missing.

Earlier research has pointed out that this protein is scarce in people with autism. The Canadians were, therefore, a study with mice, where they the level of this protein in the animals decreased.

Molecular errors

As soon as the nSR100-level was cut in half, went to the mice signs of autism exhibit. So they came to less interactive worn and they were more sensitive to sound.

“We have previously shown that there is an association between nSR100-levels and autism. But this time we have to show that if this level drops, it actually started something. That is an important insight,” said researcher Sabine Cordes.

According to the researchers, bears nSR100 may contribute to the occurrence of different molecular errors’ in the brain that can ultimately lead to the development of autism.

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