Manufacturers may EU Court pc with installed software sell

Manufacturers may EU Court pc with installed software sell

Computer manufacturers may simply pcs continue to sell, for example, with Windows pre-installed. They have no alternative to offer without the software installed.

That has the European Court Wednesday decided in an opinion (pdf) to the French court.

The judges asked the European Court to counsel in a case of a French consumer against Sony. The man bought a Sony laptop, but refused to after-sales agree to the user agreement of Windows. He wanted to then the cost of in this case Windows Vista have Sony. The manufacturer refused.

Not unfair

In the lawsuit, there were two central questions: Is it an unfair practice for a pc with software is sold, not without software to sell Should the price of the software release listed.

The European Court states that the majority of consumers understand a pc that can immediately be used after purchasing. Because this is the expectation of most consumers is the according to the Court, not unfair that the same pc is not without for example, Windows sold.

The Court still leaves room for national courts to take account of specific cases of judgment to deviate.

Not to mention the individual price of software is according to the European Court is also not misleading, because that single price is not essential information.

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