Manuel Venderbos ‘at home’ in Spain

Manuel Venderbos ‘at home’ in Spain

Foto: Linda Stulic

Manuel Venderbos has definitely found his niche on a campsite in the Spanish-French border. The presenter will feel totally at home in Spain.

That he tells the AD.

“I have distant Spanish blood. Since the first time I was in this land, I have the feeling that I come from. Even more than in the Netherlands”, says the presenter about his vacation. “In addition, I find Barcelona one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I wanted that my kids like to see.”

On where the holidays go, year in and year out spoken at length in the house of Venderbos. “The holiday destination is every year again a huge discussion, which my wife win more often than I”, says the presenter. His love for Spain is “not really” shared by his wife, who prefer the mountains in draws.

The children of Venderbos “find anything good, if they can swim”. “This holiday, they have the snorkeling was discovered, so I think we have this afternoon, but again to the sea.”

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