Mankind could have “electronic immortality” in 2050



Eternal life on the horizon?

Futurist Dr. Ian Pearson says that by 2050, our spirit can be hosted on ‘the cloud’. This means that man can live beyond the death of their body as a android. But, he warns this can cause problems.

If you’ve ever thought life was just a science fiction pipe dream, that dream might just become reality by the middle of this century.

Futurist Dr. Ian Pearson has written a blog theorizing that the human may eventually become immortal, not with their body, but by merging their brains with androids.

“Assuming you have saved enough and well prepared, you connect to a to use android as your body from now on, to your funeral, and then carry on as before, still, only with a young, heavily upgraded body,” Pearson wrote in the blog post.


Dr. Pearson adds that by 2050, this could be a reality, but he added the warning that “[s]ome people need to wait until 2060 or later to android price falls enough for them to pay.”

The blog was first written about in the Daily Mail.

Although the idea seems like science fiction, Dr. Pearson lays out a case that the mind should not exist in the physical body, but rather could be performed on the “external” work effectively in the cloud.

“In principle, you can swap bodies as often as you want, because your mind is living in another country, the android is only a temporary front-end, only transport for sensors,” Pearson wrote.

He continued: “You’re some kind of immortal, your mind still runs fine, as long as the servers run on the run from the. Not really immortal, but in any case, you do not cease to exist at the time that your body stops working.”

Futurist Dr. Ian Pearson wrote a blog predicting that one day the people will merge their brain with androids.



Although this may seem like a dream for some, it may be a nightmare for others, especially if the companies that own the androids (assuming it is rented) and the cloud computing space may have ulterior motives for your mind. Pearson specifically mentions Google, Facebook, Apple, or AWS (Amazon Web Services), but also mentioned that there is a “future-equivalent” that the owner of the Pc’s or servers and the small print that they have access to things like replication, the ability to license the data, or even property.

“So, although in the future electronic immortality has the advantage of offering a pretty attractive version of immortality on the first face closer to the read of the 100 page T&Cs can reveal a number of the nasties,” Dr. Pearson written in the post. “You may not, in fact, more of your own spirit. Oh dear!”

Dr Pearson writes that what happens in the future, it ultimately falls on the man to get it “right” and “be careful when you’re going to live forever.”

“Get it right, and you can live in a luxury cyber-heaven, hopping in the real world as much as you want, and the life in an unimaginable bliss online,” Dr Pearson concludes the post. “To many casual taster sessions, the use of too many fully integrated mind-the parts of the social media, sign up to work arrangements or go on corporate jollies without fully studying the small print and you could remain immortal, not to die, for the eternal is established as a corporate asset, a single slave.”


This is not the first time that Dr. Pearson has spoken about immortality.

In February, he stated that there are three methods to potentially live forever: the refresh of parts of your body (through genetic engineering); live in android bodies or even living in a virtual world, to compare with a computer simulation.

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